Warid Customers Will Have to Get their SIMs Replaced

After announcing Jazz as a unified brand as a result of Warid-Mobilink merger, the integration process of both the companies is now nearing its completion.

For those who don’t know, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Mobilink, yesterday paid a farewell to the old company named Mobilink and announced that Jazz will be the new brand identity.

Brand name Warid will be phased out in next few months until all Warid customers are shifted to Jazz network.

This essentially means that all Warid customers will have to get new SIMs to continue using the (3G or 4G) service.

Warid customers, with legacy SIMs (old non-4G SIMs), will have to get their SIMs replaced in order to use 3G or 4G services.

However, those Warid users with 4G compatible SIMs can continue using the same SIMs.

Jazz customers, on the other hands, can continue using their old SIMs (for 2G or 3G), however, they will have to upgrade SIMs if they want to use 4G services from the company.

Once the entire integration is completed in a few months from now, old Warid SIMs won’t work and this is why all Warid customers with non-4G SIMs will have to get their SIMs upgraded before that time.

Jazz said that it will notify all Warid customers to get their SIMs upgraded.

Jazz said that this SIM replacement exercise for Warid and Jazz customers will be completed in phases. A plan is still being rolled out and customers will soon be informed about the timelines on when and how they can get their SIMs replaced.

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  • This clearly means Jazz is winding up Warid network and and decommissioning Warid Cell sites. After shifting all Warid users on Jazz network, Jazz will cut down huge operational cost of Warid and will be free to use Warid spectrum on its existing 9000 cell sites.
    I really hope that Jazz will also use its own 1800 MHz spectrum for LTE and will make it to 10 MHz LTE and remaining 4 MHz of 1800 and full 12 MHz of 900 for 2G services. Because unlike Telenor more percentage of Jazz users are on smartphones. So 10 MHz LTE is necessary.

  • extremely bad idea of phasing out the brand …….. there will be a drop in subscriber strength of warid and most may be switching their connections towards other operators ……

    • Initially warid wasn’t the brand name either. It was either zahi or zem. Than came glow. Later warid decided to end zem & zahi & adopted warid as a brand name. Now it’s going to be Jazz. What’s the big deal. Whatever you name it. All that matter is quality services. If it will be maintained which many are afraid of would not than one needs to look out for options

        • yup i second you… warid has always been the brand name.. zem or zahi were just prepaid and postpaid categories… just like persona for postpaid telenor

  • kya Ya waird or jazz ke sim ha ya dono network par use ho saky gi or dono ke signal hasil kary gi pls koi btye ga?

    • New sims just jazz ka network support karyn gi 2G aur 3G k liye 4G abhi warid ki cell sites se hi chal raha hai. Jab sara warid poori tarah Jazz 2G aur 3G pe shift ho jaye ga tab Warid 4G equipments Mobilink ki cell sites pe shift kiye jayen gay aur warid k saray towers khatam kar diye jayen gay. Aur Warid+Jazz ka sara spectrum jazz k towers se chale ga.

  • You guys suck stop baiting us into clicking your stupid news.. everyone has a 4g sim those without dont care

  • U hv to pay 100 for replacing the old warid sim but u wl get 150 balance wd unlimited expire..

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