PIA Flight 661: Black Box Findings Raise Even More Questions

The recent PIA plane crash near Havelian is still fresh in our memories. PK 661 flight was heading from Chitral to Islamabad, carrying 48 passengers on board.

According to reports, both of the engines failed mid air leading to the crash and death of all the passengers on board. Among the deceased was pop culture icon turned religious activist, Junaid Jamshed, along with his wife. DC Chitral was also on-board the unfortunate flight

The blackbox of the plane was successfully recovered and sent back to the plane manufacturer for investigation. The findings paint a completely different picture and raise more questions of their own.

Both Engines Working at Takeoff

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Secretary, Irfan Elahi, shared the findings of the blackbox with the Senate Standing Committee on Rules of Procedures and Privileges. He said that both of the engines of the plane were completely fine and were running at 100% when the aircraft took off from Chitral airport.

He further added that one of the engines of the plane was still working after the crash. The blackbox also revealed that the pilot made no effort to land the plane before the crash occurred.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the real cause of the crash.

Data From The Blackbox

Mr. Elahi mentioned the information recovered from the blackbox saying that the first call from the aircraft to the control room was made at 4:12 pm. At that time the pilot’s voice was calm, or at least seemined calm during the call.

He issued a Mayday call at 4:14 pm, reporting that one of the engines had stopped working.

The plane’s course changed at 4:17 pm, when it was supposed to be heading south. The control room tried to call the pilot at this point. This was the last recorded communication with the pilot.

The plane crashed 10-15 minutes after that.

Blackbox’s Data Was “100% Unaltered”

According to Mr. Elahi, the blackbox’s data was 100% unaltered, adding that the investigation was conducted by an independent party and not by the CAA or the PIA.

To further back his claims about the condition of the plane, the CAA Secretary said that the Prime Minister had traveled to Gwadar on the same plane 1 week before the crash.

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