PK-661 Crew to be Tested for Poisoning/Intoxication: Reports

On December 7, 2016 a plane full of passengers was flying from Chitral to Islamabad. It couldn’t complete the journey and it crashed in Havelian and all the 47 passengers on board were killed. The fatalities included a well-known celebrity Junaid Jamshed along with his wife and the deputy commissioner of Chitral.

As per media reports, in order to verify if the air crew was drugged, the Health Department of the city has requested PIMS  to conduct an autopsy of the air crew aboard the ill-fated PK-661.

The request had been made to discover if any the odds of intoxication/poisoning was involved on part of the PK-661 crew onboard the of any illegal drugs given to team individual from the crashed aircraft.
The statement originated after directions from the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) to unearth bodies of that very flight crew in order to carry out the required tests.

The PIMS hospital administration, however denied the rumor that they have received any orders on paper, to carry out these detailed tests/autopsy so far. This has been confirmed that the hospital has still retained the samples from the bodies which can be used for the tests.

“It is routine that after every aircraft accident …we have retained samples of all the bodies as a reference and we can run whatsoever tests which the Civil Aviation Authority wishes and there is no need to exhume the bodies at all,” said Professor Dr Javed Akram, the vice chancellor of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU).

After the crash the bodies were movesd to the nearest hospital, SZABMU. Because of the lack of space to store the bodies, all the bodies were moved to PIMS Islamabad where after the completion of essential formalities and collection of samples for DNA tests, bodies were moved to another cold storage facility in Rawat.

As per the deputy commissioner, the bodies of two pilots, one flight officer and two flight attendants were to be exhumed in order to conduct the presence of any prohibited drugs in the bodies.

Via The Nation

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