Pakistan’s Nuclear Capable Ababeel Missile Has Record 2200 KM Range

In response to India’s anti-missile defense shield technology, Pakistan Army tested its new Ababeel Missile. The new missile employs Multi Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology and according to officials is a landmark achievement to neutralize the previously mentioned missile defense shield used by India.

Ababeel is a surface to surface ballistic missile and can reach as far as 2,200 kilometers, almost 3 times the distance between Islamabad and New Delhi.

Ababeel is a reference to the small bird referred to in the Holy Quran. Hordes of these birds aided the Muslims against their enemies by raining down stones on them.

The test flight of the missile was successful, and with it, Pakistan’s offensive and defensive capabilities have been strengthened manifold.

Can Fly Under The Radar

The missile can deliver multiple payloads. It can also work with nuclear warheads and can strike multiple targets at the same time.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) this missile is capable of defeating enemy’s radar system as it targets multiple areas at the same time.

India’s defense system tracks the missiles in the air to intercept them and destroy them before they hit their targets. Ababeel will have multiple warheads which will make it impossible for the Indian defense shield to counter. This is because it will not be able to track the all of the warheads at the same time.

Targets multiple areas, will make it impossible to counter by the enemies

ISPR further adds that,

Development of the Ababeel weapon system is aimed at ensuring survivability of Pakistan’s ballistic missiles in the growing regional Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) environment. This will further reinforce deterrence.

Developed using stealth technology, flies under the radar

Defense analysts claim that the missile was developed using stealth technology that can help it bypass enemy radar systems.

Second Strike Capable Babur III Missile

Earlier Pakistan Navy tested the Babur III Submarine Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM). This missile gives Pakistan a credible “second strike” capability in case the country is attacked. It can carry nuclear warheads as well. The missile has a range of 450 KMs and can strike targets on both land and sea.

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Both of these missiles seem to be a response from Pakistan’s side in regards to India’s missile defense shield technology. Independent observers claim that it is too early for India to have this kind of technology which only a few countries in the world currently possess.

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  • There is no credit ever given to civilians who actually develop these weapons and working in different organizations under NESCOM. Brilliant civilians working in NDC, PMO actually develop such weapons but when they go for tests their own countrymen (naval and army officers) ask them…..was it really developed in Pakistan or imported from Korea ?

    Their credibility and talent is questioned by these military officers but at the end who takes the credit ???? “Thank you Raheel Sharif”.

    • Every landmark is achieved by team work… No individual can claim the credit… And also the strategy of the country sets such goals to be achieved… But thanks to all those who are behind the scenes…

    • There is a separate division for strategic arms man…. scientists are all civilians… yes all such institutes are headed by military officials and this is for good actually…. see the state of civil bureaucracy…. They all must be very good but they are not good administrators thats why our institutes are not functioning properly…. keep in mind Prime minister never builds roads they are actually engineers and labourers but who gets the credit of motorways, highways etc….Its prime minister….. I am a doctor by profession so i hope u wont take my words as biased

      • very right. Its very very delicate info. and very sensitive and thus has to be kept secret. This is to protect their lives brother. But remember Qadir Khan doctorate in metallurgical physics and helped develop the shells of missiles and also helped in manufacturing of nuclear reactors. Please dont ask the source.

    • Bhai mere ye credit lene or dene ki batein nahi hoti. Ye bachon ka koi competition nhi hai or na bachon wali batein achi lagti hain is topic pe. Credit kisi ko bhi dia jae ahem baat ye hai k hmare mulk ka defence strong ho raha hai. Or un civilians (agar wo muhib e watan hain to un) k liye yehi kafi hai. Wo agr apni nazar mein surkhroo hain to itna boht ha. Kisi or se certificate lene ki zarurat nhi hoti. Or Allah in kamo ka ajar deta hai kisi insan k Thankyou kehne se kia ho ga?

  • The civilians behind these projects are the real heroes, they are working under National Command Authority. But unfortunately, recent NCA Amendment Act 2016 has curtailed the rights of these employees who cannot go to any court for Redressal of their grievances, not even Federal Service Tribunal have the jurisdiction in this regard.

    If they are to be governed under the Doctrine of Master and Servant, they should also be compensated in regard of renumeration and facilities…!!!

    • It is worth mentioning that whenever NCA Employees approached the court (in past), 80% cases have been ruled out in the favour of employees

  • According to Wikipedia. India doesn’t have this MIRV technology and only a few big countries have this.

    • The same is true for anti-missile defense shield technology. Only India and four other countries in the world have it.

      • But I read and heared that after that MIRV. The Missile defence becomes useless cause it can’t chase multiple warheads at a time.

  • I have been watching the progress of our rocket technology since the days of SUPARCO (1960s) with the launching of its weather rockets.
    There is no doubt that civilian engineers made the major contribution, I have also seen the Heavy Rebuild Factory, MIrage Rebuild, KANUUP and had a lot of engineering class fellows of the armed forces worikng there.
    It is aTEAM effort of which we must be proud.

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