Fake News Alert: Whatsapp Will NOT Notify Others If You Take A Screenshot

A rumor has been circulating on the internet about a new “feature” coming to WhatsApp. You may have been alerted about this so-called notification by your friends or family on WhatsApp chat groups or on Facebook.

The new “feature” would alert you if someone took a screenshot of your WhatsApp conversation in groups or otherwise. According to the rumor, this feature was set to go live on February 5th.

However, lets take a pause here. And take a look at the original source of the rumor:

As reported by 8Shit, this new feature was reportedly ‘confirmed’ by CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum. He said that a lot of users have been demanding this feature lately so they decided to listen to them and add it.

This statement is fake and here’s why.

The CEO’s quote itself has typographical mistakes which makes it apparent that this is in fact a fake “news” piece:

The functioning is simple, just like the blue tick: You will have the option activated by default. If it’s checked, you’ll be notified if someone screenshots your conversation, and others will be notified if you screenshot theirs. If it’s unchecked, no one gets notified.

You can’t really deem it credible when there’s something like this linked right next to the WhatsApp “news” on 8Shit:

This isn’t the first time a rumor like this has showed up on the internet. Last year Instagram was also reported to include a new feature in its latest update which would let users receive a notification if someone took a screenshot of their photo or conversation. The feature was relegated to Instagram stories only, and the same was clarified later by tech blogs.

Of course this one turned out to be fake as well. Almost everyone has taken a screenshot or two of their WhatsApp conversation or Instagram photo.

Just remember folks, verify anything you see on the internet before sharing it with your friends or loved ones.

Fake News Source: 8Shit 

Via The Independent

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