Netflix Now Lets You Download Movies & Shows to Your SD Card

Barely a month ago, Netflix announced a revolutionary new feature, which allowed you to store select shows and movies on your portable or desktop for offline access.

As announced by the company on Twitter, Android users can now store their videos on their SD cards, a move which will allow them to store even more content for use on the go.

The way it’ll work is pretty simple. When saving a show for offline use, users will get prompted by a show to either keep it on the phone or replaceable storage.

Can be Replicated on USB Storage

While not exactly earth-shattering, the app will make sure a lot of users are not constrained by their limited internal memory. Some sources also reported that the process can be replicated on USB storage, depending whether your phone supports the feature.

Allows Downloading to Multiple SD Cards

There is still a restriction as to how much content a user can keep on their phone, to ensure the content is being used for its rightful purpose. According to a Netflix representative:
You can download content to multiple SD cards. However, there are limits to how many simultaneous downloads a member can download at one time, along with limits on how long a download will remain accessible. This ensures that the feature is being used for its intended purpose.
 Lastly, in a potentially industry-saving move, Netflix has made sure there are DRM restrictions placed in the offline content, which comes in “.nfv” format. The format can only be played on Netflix’s player on the device in which it has been downloaded on, an important move which will surely save content-providers a lot of resources and hassle.

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