With Uber & Careem Ban, Our Govt is Proving its Shortsightedness

In news that we initially thought of as fake due to its sheer absurdity, Punjab and Sindh Governments have termed Uber and Careem illegal. The decision has, understandably, caused an uproar with many labeling it a ‘money grab’ and a ‘bureaucratic tantrum’.

Update: Punjab Govt Clarifies that Careem, Uber Are Not Banned!

The decision is strange for many reasons, one of which is the great fanfare Uber received when it entered Pakistan. A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed between the ride hailing giant and PITB. The irony of provincial governments banning Uber while another arm of the government is welcoming it to enhance the ecosystem is just delicious. It’s like bipolar disorder on a government level.

This decision will have instant short term effects as well as long term ramifications.

The Case Against Uber and Careem

Uber and Careem are global brands. They’ve faced their fair share of opposition from lawmakers but the language and nature of the resistance they’ve faced has never been this awkward. The Transport Authority justified its decision through five key points. It said that these ride hailing services:

  • Don’t have fitness certificates
  • Don’t have the route permits
  • Are using private cars which can’t be used commercially.
  • Pose a security threat to the public.
  • Are causing losses to the govt exchequer.

Applying Rules Selectively Helps No One

All vehicles on the road should have a certification that they are fit to drive. It’s a valid argument. However, the LTA and Sindh Govt are forgetting we all live in Pakistan.

I’m sure all of you have seen the condition of most taxis on the road. Often, we come across Suzuki FX’s and Mehran’s that were operational through the sheer will of the drivers. It’s not only taxis either. Wagons for public, carry dabas, buses, trucks and vans on school routes – take a look at anything – and it’s clear that there’s no rhyme or reason dictating what vehicles can be on the road.

In our experience, and that of most of the people we’ve polled, the cars used by Careem and Uber are vastly better in comparison. Careem doesn’t accept any vehicle manufactured before 2008 for economy class and 2012 for business class. Uber’s oldest cars are 2001 models but even they have to pass stringent requirements. Can these transport authorities tell us with a straight face that they are doing a better job of regulation than Uber and Careem?

Route permit reasoning is also rooted in logic yet similarly falls flat on closer scrutiny. Do we have a comprehensive framework for taxis or for the vans which take our kids to school?

‘Security Threats’

Uber and Careem drivers pass stringent security checks. Before you take a ride, you get the car model, number, color, name of the driver as well as his contact details in a SMS message. All this information makes it difficult for anyone to get away with poor behavior let alone something more sinister.

If there are issues, star ratings are an immediate feedback mechanism and we know for a fact that action is taken much quicker than in any government department. Saying they are a threat to public is a laughable notion for anyone who has ever ridden in an Uber or Careem. I trust these services for when my parents or sisters need a ride. I can’t say the same for the taxis supposedly regulated by our authorities.

These transport authorities either need to hold every vehicle on the road to the same standard or explain why they are targeting these ride hailing services in particular.

Are Uber and Careem in the Wrong?

Another interesting tidbit in this developing story is that A-Taxi has not been banned. We talked to their parent company and were told that the reason behind their omission is that they operate much like Daewoo or other transport services with licenses, permits and relevant certifications.

Reportedly, Uber and Careem have failed to comply with government demands for getting NOCs and paperwork for operating in Pakistan. That begs the question, why wait until now? Shouldn’t these requirements have been fulfilled when they started instead of a year later?

Be Honest About Your Intentions:

Many experts are suggesting this move is nothing but an attempted money grab. These services have proved ride hailing is lucrative and the transport authorities want a piece of the pie. Let’s ignore the fact that they have failed to capitalize on this opportunity and are now scrambling.

If they do want to regulate this sector, they should do it in a proper manner which means taxing them under laws. If ride hailing is a new technology and the regulations don’t exist, it’s their job to craft them instead of banning them outright.

Uber & Careem Ban Will Hurt Everyone:

I’ve had the opportunity to travel extensively in Uber and Careem and I make it a special point to ask every driver what they think about the service, the rates they offer and the financial opportunity they present.

Most of the feedback has been positive. These services offer a stand up way of earning money part time or full time and a ban is affecting the livelihood of thousands.

Talking about losses to the government exchequer is also a strangely short sighted way to look at things. Uber and Careem employ thousands of people and they earn a handsome amount. Complemented by their primary jobs, it’s disposable income which is spent – surprise, surprise – within the provinces and taxed.

So if ride hailing services are creating jobs, generating disposable income which is taxed and easing the life of countless people who rely on them for transport, what exactly is so abhorrent about them?

Repercussions for Pakistan’s Image:

In the end, I just want to stress that the government needs to decide what it wants to do. You can’t talk to the likes of Alibaba about Pakistan’s potential and then ban two international companies without warning in the same week.

If government decisions are so erratic and affect business, it sends a very strong signal that our regulatory bodies are not prepared for new business models and technologies.

Everyone is going to be watching how this story unfolds very closely and we hope for the sake of Pakistan, the government resolves it amicably.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • just money game…in lahore uber and careem and other taxi services did damage the routes of famous LTC which is under some powerful mna……same is the case in sindh…..they just cant let people get taste of good things….

    • Now remove this nonsense post… Bura to zaror laga hoga jab pta chala ky siry sy ban laga hi ni??????

      • *sigh* Are you really that dumb? I certainly hope not. Anyways, if you know how to read, go read the letter issued by Punjab Government with regard to this issue, which explicitly states that these services are illegal and orders them to cease operations immediately.

        They only backtracked now from their original statement due to excessive public pressure.

        Once again, nawaz k chuppay lgana band kro or ankhen kholo.

    • Probably both government do not want to ban it but want to bring them under policy and procedure OR those thinking governments want some kickbacks should wait for both companies to exit Pakistan, they will have chance to speak about it freely to let us know if they were asked for bribe….our culture and politics is promoting negativity and allegations.

      A few questions: Cars in your use should have an inspection before registration right?
      2nd if something wrong happens with any passengers of these services under which policy these companies can be made accountable ? But 1st they shouldn’t have allowed these services without inspection/registration/ clearance.

      • Samjhnay walay samjh gaye, aur jo samjh k bhi na samjha banay, shah se ziada shah ka wafadar banay uska kia kar saktay hain?

  • It’s all about the last point, the rest are all BS. Except, instead of govt exchequer, it should say “our pockets.”

  • Does this shortsightedness also apply on the governments of UAE, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and many others who banned Uber / Careem until unless they followed the legislation?

    I am a huge fan of Careem and Uber and have been using these services since their launch, but MNCs should abide by local laws.

      • The Law which asks MNCs to pay “Taxes”, be it Careem, Uber, Google, Samsung, Microsoft or any other company who doesn’t pay taxes in Pakistan but would gladly pay them in India or Bangladesh.

            • They don’t have their own cars, every single car there is tax paid. Why do they necessarily have to pay double taxes?

              • Because they are a company and all the drivers are their employees. A similar case was presented in an American court. If the drivers are working on their own, why does Uber / Careem sets fares? Why does they take their commissions?

                If any company / individual is generating income, they also have to pay taxes.

                UAE has recently imposed 5 AED tax on each ride of Careem / Uber.

                We should raise our voice against the misuse of tax rather than supporting tax defaulters.

              • So you are telling that these companies are’t earning anything in Pakistan and shouldn’t pay any income tax?

                • Metro bus pe billions ki subsidy or in se income tax? Despite of lots of other taxes including income tax from the every individual car owner?

            • Exactly thats rightly said. Humara banda jo in companies ki wajah se kamah raha hai woh bechara phir bhi tax de hi raha hai kisi tarah se. Jab ke yeh companies jo paisa bana rahi hain uska no tax :-)

              • Bhai sb some Indian colleagues share their experiences, they fear from income tax department more than their army. Our case is opposite. Neighboring India has a tax culture much better than in Pakistan.

            • Local Cab Drivers FOR SURE don’t pay a DIME on their income. Why should UBER and Careem pay? If they start paying taxes, they wont be affordable anymore.

              • Bravo !!
                Lets insist on government not to charge us taxes, bash government for taking loans to run the country, call them names and what not.

                • His logic doesn’t make any sense but giving taxes also doesn’t make any sense in this country where all our “Ashrafia” and “Political jokers” had looted billions from us.

    • There was a time when I used to really admire your reviews, and you as a person. Isn’t it ironic that the governments of UAE, Malaysia New Zealand (and partially India) have DECENT cabs, with laws equivalent for everyone? In UAE you can still find private cars from around 2005, but 90%+ cabs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm ul Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain are new models, mostly post-2012, with luxury and comfortable interiors.

      Now compare Pakistani IFXs and Mehrans. Upwards, Punjab I haven’t seen a single cabby driving 2016 model IFX or Mehran. Oh, I guess IFX wasn’t manufactured after 1990s LOL. Downwards, Sindh most drivers are using Japanese Cuore (pre-1990s), Datsun (1980s), Khyber (1990s), Old Alto (pre 1990s), Mehran, Daewoo, Hyundai.

      Last I checked, none of these are old cars are running as Taxis in UAE, (even India), Malaysia or New Zealand. If they are allowed in Pakistan, why not UBER and Careem, which are a 100 times better than these trash.

      Laws apply to ALL. Be it IFX, Mehran, or Zohair’s KHOTA Gaari (Donkey Cart). Not just UBER or Careem. If 99% LOCAL TAXIs are exempt from the laws, why apply them on UBER and Careem, which if tested would most likely pass fitness and security measures for certain.

      • Yes, there must take action against the Transport Mafia of Pakistan, however asking for tax from MNCs like Careem and Uber, that is the ProPakistani way! so everyone should support it.

        • You’re right, but they’re just going to jack up their prices to pay the taxes. We’ll end up paying even more tax in the end.

        • Right, just like the Local Taxis pay taxes? If what you say is applied, UBER and Careem certainly won’t be as affordable as today, and in the end people would consider the costly and kachra local Taxis as ”cheap” compared with taxed UBER and Careem, and use them instead.

          • So you are implying that transport should be cheaper for middle class ? But then we also oppose metro like projects :)
            Aren’t we a confuse nation ? Something we want but also oppose the same.

            • Metro and similar political stunts/dramas sucked billions of tax payers’ money while these services are not sucking blood.
              Taxing them is not a good option IMO.

            • No, we DON’T oppose metro. If something, I love it! Apart from it’s construction, that keeps on falling (RWP-ISB) and needs to be repaired after every single rain fall. I wish it was built sincerely. And I oppose only Rs. 20 as it’s charges. They should be between Rs. 10 – 100. Depending on how much you travel. 1 station or from beginning to the end.

      • Quoting your words “if tested would most likely pass fitness and security measures for certain”
        so what is wrong if they are forced to follow the rule and pay taxes ?
        In UAE very old private taxis are run by Pakistanis (illegally) and are fined heavily up to 20,000 dirhams (570,000 Rs.) each time if caught. There is no taxi mafia culture in UAE. If a company is running it is easy for governments to enforce laws (considering the law bashing culture of Pakistan in which everyone considers it his right to break the law) than individual taxi or rickshaw wala who can burn himself on road or his taxi/rickshaw and next hour it is on TV for government bashing.

        • Nothing is wrong, I never disagreed, in fact if I be honest, I would and do agree with every single word of this comment of yours. I opposed banning and blackmailing (or declaring them illegal) as that gives Pakistan a bad image. The government should simply tax them and get them registered, just like you say. I would mostly support this, if it’s without drama.

    • Finally someone speaking my heart out, glad to hear it from you! You are right Careem and Uber are great but should follow the procedures. The simple thing I am unable to understand how a public service company can run without any registration or any tax or anything on income.

        • Ishtiaq bhai, dekhain government ne galat kia is baat main koi shaq nahi hai. But thoda sa thandey dimag se sochain. Ek company chalti hai, Pakistan ke logon se kama rahi hai aur badle main tax wagera bhi pay na kare woh?

          Like jab koi thelley wala road par khara hota hai tu hum log yeh bhi kehte hain ke in thelley walon ki wajah se traffic jam rehta hai aur mushkil hoti hai aur jab government unko hatane ke liye mohim chalae tu hum hi kehte hain ke yaar jo bhi hai becharon ka rozgar chal raha tha :-)

          • Your concerns would actually be valid if these taxes were being used for the betterment of the public. But alas, this is Pakistan. Anything the government gets from these companies is going to go straight into the pockets of these thugs in establishment.

            Look at what all the taxes we’ve paid so far have netted us. The second most populous city in the world has one of the most deplorable transport infrastructures in the world.

            Thanks to these companies, the residents had some relief at last. Instead of having to travel cramped and shoved in barely operational public buses, even the middle class could afford to travel in luxury now. Not only that, a lot of households found a source of income through these companies.

            So what does the government do to these companies for making life easier for the common man, something the government should have done instead with all those tax rupees? Instead of applauding them or giving them tax incentives, yeah they declare them illegal. While things that should actually be illegal continue operating without any concern.

            Tell me one reason how this is beneficial for any one?

            • My simple question. do “Kaali Peeli Taxi Walas” pay taxs to govt??
              are they NTN holders? do the Taxi Drivers pay income tax? can government judge the income of these taxi wala? (har kaali peeli taxi wala rota he milay ga k kamae nahe, cng milti nahe petrol taxi walay ko 120 rupees liter milta hy bla bla stupid reasons)

              i am not sure but my guess is that Careem and Uber would pay the Drivers of the service using banks to make payments. so atleast in a way Govt gets a piece of money as tax..

              Kali aur peeli taxi walay rishwat detay hain to get fitness certificate. jo k Careem/Uber ki cars walay nahe de rahay.. so this is directly affecting the income of Government Officials in the Department. warna mere andazay se tau Govt ko Uber/Careem se tau atleast kuch na kuch mil he raha hy

            • Janab totally agreed with you, kash yeh taxes humare liye istemal hote na ke government officials ki pocket main jate. Magar don’t you think yeh tu ek alag behas hai ke humara tax ka paisa sahi jagah use nahi hota.

              Baki rahi baat in companies ki jinko aap thanks kar rahe ho, tu bhai please yeh zehan main rakho in companies ko khidmat-e-khalq ka shauq nahi. Yeh log paise bana rahe hain hum se tabhi yeh log services de rahe hain, tu phir inko humare local laws ko bhi follow karna chahiye. Galat hain sahi hain jaise bhi hain humare laws hain, hum khud follow nahi karte laws is liye we want ke bahar se jo banda aakar hum logon se kama raha hai woh bhi laws na kare follow aur tax na dey?

              Agar humare taxes sahi jagah lag rahe hote tab bhi aap yehi kehte ke Uber/Careem khidmat-e-khaq kar rahe hain is liye inko tax incentives dain aur applaud karain inke liye?

              • Janab, har company paise banati hai. Dunya main koi company fi-sabeelillah to kaam nahin karti. Pata nahin hum pakistaniyon ko doosron ki earnings se itni takleef kyun hoti ho. gustakhi muaaf. hamara dil chahta hai ke humain services aur facilities saari milain, magar koi hum se ek taka na kama le.

                UBER and Careem earn kar rahi hai, yes, magar aap yeh bhi to dekho ke aisi innovative, cheap aur quality service kisi aur ne nahin di. They deserve to earn, and lastly, which local taxi pays taxes? Aap simple words main kaho ke UBER or Careem jo cheap hain woh itni cheap na rahain, aur taxes ki wajha se local taxis se zyada expensive ho jaein, aur phir log inhain use karna chor dain, aur phir istamal na honay ki wajha se ye pakistan se eventually wind up kar ke chalay jaein. sirf logon ka loss.

                Chalo, last topic pe baat karr letay hain. Taxes awam ke faiday ke liye hotay hain. UBER aur Careem agar tax dain, to woh humain to milna nahin waala. To kyun na hum woh tax na de kar hi apna kuch faida kar lain?

                Unless, agar UBER ya Careem itni daryadili dikhaein ke sirf apni income se tax pay karain aur consumers ke liye koi cost main izafa na karain, to main kehta hoon unpe beshak 100% tax laga diya jaye!

                • Bhai aisi baat nahi ke Pakistaniyon ko services aur facilities sari chahiye aur faida kisi ko nahi dena chahtey hum :-) agar aisa hota tu abhi sare log Uber/Careem ke khilaf post kar rahe hote na ke unke haq main. Hum aapki aur meri rae ki basis par overall Pakistaniyon ke liye koi rule set nahi kar sakte.

                  Khair rahi baat Uber aur Careem ke expensive hone ki after tax, tu phir yahin par tu innovativeness ka pata chale ga na in companies ki. Aur phir pata chal jaega ke yeh log kitna apni jaib ka faida chahtay hain aur kitna humara!

                  Aapke overall point of view se main chah kar bhi disagree nahi kar sakta because afterall humare country ki harsh reality hai yeh, but I would still say ke mere nazdeek aur mere hisab se agar koi bahar ki company mere mulk main aakar paisa bana rahi hai tu usko mere mulk main tax bhi dena chahiye jis tarah se woh dosre mulqon main deti hai. Phir chahe woh tax ka paisa kahan jana chahiye aur kahan jata hai woh ek alag behas hai…

                  • I’m talking about most* Pakistanis, and their government elected by those *most pakistanis. I never said all. Jamhooriyat, you know?

                    Janab, innovativeness ka to tab pata chalay na jab competition fair ho. Yeh kaisa insaaf hua ke local cabbies ko koi income tax ya sales taxes na pay karna ho, aur yeh taxi companies pay kar ke end-consumer ke liye charges increase kar dain. Phir bhi companies to utna hi earn karain gi, nuqsan sirf end-consumer ka ho ga. Woh tax jo hum pay kar ke apna faida chahtay hain, ke development ho, woh humain to milne wala nahin hai. To kyun na jo service mili hai usay chup chaap enjoy karain aur jo tax government ko pay karna hai woh apni jaib main rakh ke enjoy karain ;)

                    And once again, brother, I completely agree with you. UBER and Careem should pay taxes, by all means, but FROM their pockets and NOT shift the cost of taxes to the end-consumer. Agar aisa ho to I support taxation a 1000%!

              • Obhai, konsa law follow nahi kr rahe ye? Sb bhana he, like I said it all boils down to these politicians not getting a cut. That’s it. This is why I hope this case goes to court. Takey inka sb chatta mitta chul jae.

                Secondly, sure they are making money from us lekin muft ka to nahi na. They are providing services in return. Services that benefit us, and have a higher standard than any local company. While being affordable, even for the common man. And not only that, they are creating jobs too. Like I said, all the things that are actually the governments responsibility.

                About your last point, sure. You do realize k foreign companies are encouraged to invest in a country by governments around the world thorough tax incentives, duty free industrial zones, electricity bill concessions and so on? Why? For the same reasons stated above: It benefits the people, creates jobs, brings in foreign reserves, promotes industrialization, just to name a few. Everywhere except… Pakistan. Just imagine, what precedent will this set on other foreign companies willing to invest in Pakistan?

                Like someone else pointed out, it’s not like the government is getting absolutely nothing from these services. All the vehicles in their fleets have proper paperwork, they pay taxes on the fuel consumed, internet used by the drivers and customers etc. But no, these greedy politicians want more because they can’t see anything succeed in this country unless they don’t get a cut in the profits. Truly pathetic.

                • So aapke hisab se because yeh log itne innovative aur cheap service de rahe hain is liye inko tax incentives dene chahiye aur inko aaram se apna kaam karne dena chahiye?

                  • Yep. Also read Arsalan’s comment below. He raises some good points. The only thing these taxes will do is increase the prices of these services. And then, the common man will once again be relegated to traveling in those horrendous buses everyday.

                    • Chalo sahi hai, I wouldn’t take this further. Lekin mere hisab se agar meri country main kama rahe hain tu tax tu banta hai. :-) And yes Arsalan Bhai ke comments ke bhi jawab diye hain maine but I guess we wouldn’t end up anywhere.

                      Main aap logon ko frustration ko samajh raha hon and believe main aapke sath fully agree bhi karta hon, except from the statement ke in logon ko tax nahi karna chahiye.

                    • Let’s look at it this way. Reasons to not tax, in order to importance:

                      1. Because those “taxes” would do nill to benefit us. Only benefit the ones in power.
                      2. Because it would raise the price of these services.
                      3. Because tax incentives are given to encourage foreign investment.

                      Now, let’s see if you can come up with even one convincing reason, besides “because I feel like it”, why these companies *should* be taxed.

            • From your comment, you mentioned “establishment”, in Pakistan it is military ;)
              If you talk about distribution of budget your military takes 1/3 of actual earning of the government, civilian government pays pension of retired military in billions,big part goes in loan/interest. What is left goes on social development projects. Lets have a look on the breakdown of the budget someday.

              We are good in government bashing ONLY ;)

              • Yup, government needs to set it’s priorities right. Or else forfeit the tax if it’s not going to trickle down to the common man.

      • KMQ bhai aap to baat hi nahi karo. Aap ko Lyari se pick nahi krte to aap aisa karoge ab?
        Hum becharay logoun ka to khayal karo kuch :(

    • You are right but there countries have car inspection before registration renewal, in Pakistan this isn’t the case. God forbid if something goes wrong like it happened in India that Uber drivers were [email protected] whole media and awam will blame government for it. In Pakistan like country you don’t come in government to earn fame, cost is your respect no matter what you do.

    • Because they provide proper means of transportation they have right to ban whatever they want. But here we are travelling in 50 year old buses and Qinchi Rickshaws then what is the right of Govt to claim or enforce anything on us.

  • spent billions under the Benazir Income Support to reduce the poverty but sadly not creating the opportunities to resolve the issues permanently.

    Besides the ride sharing facilities, this banned will impulsively impact unemployment of above 5000 Drivers which are working in Careem & Uber. these all of them are Pakistanis.

  • “Are causing losses to the govt exchequer.” is the only thing that matters. Of course, this loss is in the sense that someone higher up wants to make a quick buck.

  • Government version is that they are not banning it they just want them to follow the laws.

    But one question here, where were these laws when their ministers themselves inaugurated these?

    • Afsos. Yeh laws local taxis ke liye kabhi yaad kyun nahin aye? Janaab KMQ, is tarhan to all Qinqis, most taxi wala, all Bike walas, and most private cars should be banned as 90%+ of bikes and qinqis don’t follow laws. And mind you, PM should be banned before them as he’s broken more laws than all these combined.

      • Biklul sahi Arsalan bhai, yeh sare laws sab ke liye hone chahiyen. Na ke just Careem and Uber ke liye, magar in logon ki company ki registration ya earning wagera ki koi tu accountability banti hai ya nahi?

        • Bilkul banti hai, yeh jo khud ki accountability nahin kar sakay woh kisi aur ki kya karain gey. Anyway, aap sahih keh rahay hain, banti to hai, magar uska hal kaheen se bhi BAN karna nahin tha.

          • Bilkul dost, BAN tu kisi bhi maslay ka hal nahi hai. Infact aapne khud hi simple sa solution dia hai apne ek comment main. Which totally makes sense, usi ko thoda polish kar ke koi win win situation nikalni chahiye. Jis se Uber/Careem, drivers, awam aur government sab ka faida ho.

            • BAN kernay ka maqsad Uber aur Careem ko nuksan pohchana aur Pressure dalna hai. Is Pressure main aa ker wo unfair terms per bhi agreement ker saktay hain, unfortunately.

              warna ye kaam kernay kay aur tarikay bhi thy.

    • KMQ sub jantay hain kounsi fitness aur kahan kay laws, sub khanchaybazi ka mamla hai. Come on, tum tou aisi baatien na karo.

      • bikul sahi baat hai setting sari khanchaybazi ke liye hi hai. Magar agar koi cheez galat hai is ka matlab yeh tu nahi ke hum usko basis bana kar dosri bhi galat cheez ko back karain?

        • Kaisa tax yar? Tax ka burden after all kis pe parna hai? Awam pe na? Pehley hi kam cheezon pe tax hai. Tax karien ge tou aur companies tou dur ki baat hai yeh bhi bhaag jayien ge. K electric nay 62 billion lootay hain sirf Karachi city se though they are registered tou Govt us waqt kiya sulfi pi k sou rahi thi? Ya saalon se yehi companies chal rahi thien govt walay hi apnay photo khinchwa k in k saath awam se credit le rahay thay. Tab yeh illegal nahi thien? Metro pe arbon ki subsidy jarahi hai awam k tax kay paison se woh kounsa kanoon hai? Karachi main transport ka haal tou maloom hi hai tumhain.

          • Ishtiaq bhai aapka ek ek lafz mere dil ki awaz hai aur aap jo bhi keh rahe ho theek keh rahe ho.

            Magar main sirf yeh keh raha hon ke inki koi na koi regulation tu honi chahiye na bhai, neeche ek bhai ne bhi buhat acha comment kia ke koi dawai bhechne wali company jo sasti dawai beche gi tu kia hum usko bagair license ke dawai banane aur bechne dainge because woh sasti bech rahi hai aur awam ko faida horaha hai is liye hum usko bagair registration ke bechne dain so that tax ke bagair beche woh aur awam kaa faida ho?

            • Dawai aur taxi main farq hai, dawai directly related to people’s life, though poora mulk bhara hai attai doctors quacks se. Per yeh aik ride sharing service hai jo logon ko connect karti hai, is say kisi third person ko nuksaan nahi. Govt ki aisi harkaton se International businesses ayien ge ya bhagaien ge? Baki jahan tak registration ki baat hai tou karachi main sindh govt k collaboration se hi launch hoi thi jis ka article bhi hai propak pe. Tou zahir hai woh regulate hoke hi aye hain. Baki koi chori ki gariyan tou nahi chal rahien. Sub registered tax paid cars hain with proper monitoring n tracking system. Govt ko takleef kis baat ki hoi hai sivaye ghoos na milnay k.

              • Durust Ishtiaq bhai registration agar hui hai government ke sath initially tu phir tu ab koi issue nahi hona chahiye. Magar government tu yehi keh rahi hai ke hum inko ban nahi kar rahe just process follow karne ka bol rahe hain.

          • Kaisa tax yar? Tax ka burden after all kis pe parna hai? Awam pe na? Pehley hi kam cheezon pe tax hai.

            Lol. Is pe ek baat kehne ko dil karta hai. Chuhay maar zeher se le kar machar maar coil pe bhi tax hai. LOL. Baygon ki bottle pe bhi Sales Tax likha hua hota hai xD.

            Anyway, just another point. Aap ne bohat important points raise kiye hain, and the fact is ke even in United States, United Kingdom, bari companies jo logon ka faida karti hain unhain tax-cuts and rebates diyay jatay hain. Wallmart jaisi companies waghera ko US and British government bohat tax-eases deti hain, takay woh JOBS aur manufacturing country main hi rakhain. and UBER and Careem = JOBS, plus benefits for customers.

  • Pehly axact company ko ban kia, uber abd creeem ko bnd kia ,Hafiz saeed sab ko nzr bnd kia ya Nawaz Mulk nhi chalaa skta abb !!

  • Wow! Excellent development initiative by PML-N! aaaaand Jiyaaaaay Bhutto! Kal bhi Zardari zinda tha, aaj bhi Zardari zinda hai.

    Government has never tried to regulate local kaali-peeli taxis. They are disastrous to the environment, and I doubt any taxi wala pays any income tax. (apart from bribes to get fitness and permit) Most of local taxis are UNFIT, and having FAKE Fitness Certificates which they’ve obtained with bribery, and shouldn’t be counted for.

    Local Taxis are unbearable to travel in, smelling of dead rats in Karachi, and mooli ke parathay in Punjab. Their seats are extremely uncomfortable, with highly unprofessional drivers, mostly smoking and farting. Above all, unmetered and uneducated ill-mannered drivers, who never care about traffic laws. As the saying goes- “If there’s no tulla, go khulla”. Most local Cabs don’t even have storage in boots, and are CNG Bombs.

    Most Local Taxis throughout Pakistan are Japanese Cuore (pre-1990s), Datsun (1980s), Khyber (1990s), Old Alto (pre 1990s), Mehran, Datsun (1990s), and Hyundai (1990s). Most Local Taxis date back to before I was born. I haven’t – to this day seen a private Camry or Civic as a local yellow taxi. Forget those, haven’t even seen a Cultus or City. I know for sure, neither UBER nor Careem would have any IFX, Khyber, Datsun, Hyundai, Daewoo, Japanese Cuore (old) or Japanese Alto (old) in their fleet.

    Laws should apply to ALL. Be it Local Kaali Peeli Cabs – IFX, Mehran. Or be it UBER or Careem. If 95%+ LOCAL TAXIs are exempt from the laws, why apply them on UBER and Careem, which if tested would most likely pass fitness and security measures.

    If someone is murdered or raped by a local taxi wala. Any Pakistani, travelling alone, (MALE or FEMALE), there is no way you can trace, know or find out the individual who committed the crime! With UBER and Careem, there’s a BIG possibility as they have records of everything, including license plates, and driver’s ID/address, etc. Only morons can call UBER AND CAREEM a safety hazard.

    UBER and Careem are much more safe and fit as compared to kaali-peeli Taxis around Pakistan.

    A sensible approach would’ve been for the government to give a 7 day to 30 days notice for all these cars obtaining under UBER and Careem’s banner to get them registered, or asked Careem or UBER to share their databases. A permit/fitness fee of upto Rs. 2000 and get them registered and accounted for. End of Story. Ironically, government has no record of all the kaali-peeli cabs, as in Punjab several private mehrans have painted themselves black or yellow and are running. UBER and Careem drivers are bound to get a Police Character Certificate, whereas no Local Cab Drivers have such. Most even have their Driving License Expired.

  • I am not giving them vote to them… Fake government, just sucking public blood,,, taking away jobs from people….Khud tu 10 10 prado mae ghumte ho aur hum se yeh bhi cheen rhe ho..

  • Pro pti, jumps on anything against pmln, pti ki shaan main kasiday sunati hai,govt just wanted to regulate them,they will continue to function, propoganda site ban gayi hai yeh bus :@

      • Kia nuqsan hoa aapka? Bus tanqeeb baray tanqeed kerni aati hai :) uber n careen r still functioning n will continue to do so, tax net main laya gaya hai unhe bus, ub yeh tu bilkul b digest nai hona ap se i know ;)

        • Dhamki de ke hamari pyaari hukumat ne sirf Pakistan ka naam kharab kiya hai, by giving a wrong message to the world by using the words “banned” and “illegal”. Instead of the drama, they should’ve just said, we’d like to tax you and get your cabbies registered with us. STRAIGHTFORWARD, rather than Imran Khan style DRAMA.

    • People like you really disgust me. This isn’t about politics at all. It’s about what’s right and what’s wrong.

      • Mind ur language first, u dont follow propakistani on a regular basis, this is as political as it can get, 4 articles have been published when there was no such bane imposed, disgust urself first before commenting on others :)

    • These buses are reality in Karachi, 100 year old buses like ford etc are still running because there’s no public transport system in Karachi. Now these decent services have suddenly become illegal because they have to first pay jaga n gullu tax. Eventually on tax on them would burden the masses using them.

  • Again propakistani showing us its shortsightness… Will you allow “private companies” to make medicine without proper license???? Your are fool people, who just blames govt without proper investigation. Cheap again from propk!!

  • simple is if they allow these services then who will be fooled by their peeli taxi and green rickshaw schemes , moreover in simplest form a money making stunt by PML and PPP , matter will be resolved by under hand deals with these international companies . no self respect and a shameless behaviour by so called political system of pakistan

  • I think Punjab Govt is the one who inaugurated A-Taxi in Lahore. The project started under the supervision of CM. At that time, where were the rules, certificates?

  • Suggestions and advise to UBER and CAREEM, that they give PMLN CUT yani GHUNDA TAX then they can do whatever they want, then legal and illegal doesn’t matter at all.
    BTW Careem might get more benefits from PMLN and PPP because its middle east base company and middle east is the safe house for these corrupt politicians. You will see in near future.

  • The decision was bad due to two factors:

    1. When the companies were launching in Pakistan, they should have been made to obey local laws then. Fire the people who forgot to do that.
    2. Now when the service is launched and many people using it over the last many months, who is responsible so the graveness caused?

    This is typical of a slow government acting after getting bribes from the transport mafia. Laws of the land should be followed in all costs. However, those people in the government should be punished who let the service run for so long and not register these companies properly in the books.

    For UBER and CAREEM, all other countries do not follow the law of USA. You need to research before entering any country for the laws of that land. Of course if you are earning money from Pakistan, please share your due taxes as well.

  • What a game Uber and Careem.
    Ye tu Arshad Chaye Walay se bhi aage pahunch gaye :D
    eik din me itni muft ki advertising har bande ki zaban per har news channel ki headlines me or har talk show ki zeenat uber & careem. Bhai socho itne bare level per advertisement woh bhi bina eik rupiya lagaye.

  • bari hasraton se kia tha tera intezar
    ker dya ganjy ne hum sab ka bura hal

    ab kis moo se bulain companies ko investment kerne
    yaha to apny chosty hain khoon din raat, bar bar

  • App based taxi services are not regulated. They are earning millions without paying a penny to the government.Taxes are the fuel for the country’s economy. The service is well and there is no issue even with the government but they are not under tax net. This is why they got this jerk. It needs to be done.

    • You do realize that Tax is going to be paid by Riders, not the companies. How much Tax is being paid by regular taxi drivers, I can tell you, Zero.

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