Brace Yourself: Taher Shah Teases New Video For Valentines Day

Well known Mankind angel is once again set to return on Valentine’s Day with a new message or song, judging by his latest tweet.

Taher Shah is a social-media-extraordinaire/artist who has figured out how to stand out as truly newsworthy come what may. He has ruled Twitter with his mix of adaptable lyrics, astonishing identity, impeccably diverse dressing sense, haircut and basically everything else!

Now, thanks to a tweet by the singer-song writer, he may come back with a shiny new song or a video message on Valentine’s Day.

Recently, according to media reports and his management group, we came to know that Taher Shah had gotten life threats. Following this, Taher Shah left the nation a couple of months ago.

A few days after his travels, Taher Shah thought of a video note which he alluded to as ‘Humankind Love’ on New Year’s Eve.

For now his fans in Pakistan and worldwide can only wait.  It is not known whether the artist will release another song this time or will it be simply one more video message.

In any case, one thing is without a doubt; when the cameras are rolling and Taher Shah appears, it unquestionably becomes all the rage!

So for fanatics of Eye to Eye and Mankind’s Angel, this current Valentine’s Day will get people talking about the elusive Mr. Shah once more.

  • The best way to deal with people like Taher Shah is to ignore them.
    And soon they will disappear in thin air.

  • I’ll say it like it is …. When he first came into the limelight I was like wtf is this shit but how over time I saw everyone and I mean literally everyone making fun of him and his family so now I am rooting for him and hope he does whatever the hell he wants too.

    Our awam doesn’t know when to quit. It was amusing at first mocking him but then limits were crossed so now fuck all the haters. He’s famous .. tf have you done in your life?

  • I think lyrics of his new song might be something like:

    Angel has a valentine, valentine of the love, love has a day its valentines. Every one has lover, lover has an angel, you are an angel, valentine is an angel.

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