Careem Rebrands Economy, Launches Cheaper Go Class

Careem has introduced a new traveling class with lowered rates in order to make shorter trips less expensive. Aside from that, Economy will be known as GO+ while its prices remain the same.


Revised Prices

Compared to the Economy/GO+ class, the new GO provides cheaper rate that help you save more when you’re out on short trips. Here are the prices for Careem’s GO class:

  • GO
    • Base Fare: Rs. 100
    • Minimum charges: Rs. 150
    • Moving: Rs 12 per km
    • Waiting: Rs 300 per hour

As far as GO+ is concerned, the prices are:

  • GO+
    • Base Fare: Rs. 130
    • Minimum charges: Rs. 200
    • Moving: Rs. 17 per km
    • Waiting: Rs 330 per hour

The pricing for the Business class remains the same:

  • Business
    • Base Fare: Rs. 160
    • Minimum charges: Rs. 250
    • Moving: Rs. 23 per km
    • Waiting: Rs. 370 per hour

It should be noted here that the waiting charges are actually billed by the minute when you are riding below 16km/h.

Around 7 months ago, Careem revised its tariff which made trips more expensive, especially shorter ones. It was a very significant rise in prices so it looks like that in order to introduce a cheaper class, they went ahead with GO.

The new Careem GO offers cheaper prices, especially if you are traveling on short routes. According to Careem, with the introduction of GO and GO+, car availability will be increased and the wait time for the arrival of the vehicle will be decreased. Careem is marketing the GO as readily available which means that where ever you are in the city, any Careem will be able to get to you in no time.

  • correction GO as readily available which means that where instead of were ever you are in the city, any Careem will be able to get to you in no time

  • Yes cream provide good services.
    But careem now using BAD marketing tricks to attract the customers.
    Altough this type of marketing is very much comen in pakistan.
    Once careem announe an offer (rather Kamina pan) i fulfil all the term and condition of that offer. But offer is not provided. Then i complaint to careem, their offcial said no this offer is not valid for you its for islambad. There is no such condition in that offer.

    I suggested that careem may be very clear and dont use deceptive marketing trick.

  • Good but still so much expensive as compare to Uber:

    Uber tariff is:
    Basic Fare:100
    Minimum Fare: 150
    Moving: Rs. 9.2/KM
    Waiting: Rs.120/Hour – 2/Minute

    Careem Go includes only Mehran, Alto, Cultus etc.
    Uber GO includes all kinds of Cars such as Aqua, Corrola, City, Mira, Move,Vitz, Cultus etc.

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