Valentine’s Day Celebrations Banned All Across Pakistan: IHC

Islamabad High Court has banned Valentine’s Day celebration all across the country today.

The court passed an order regarding this after hearing a petition calling for Valentine’s Day to be banned since it is not part of Muslim tradition.

The court order states that any Valentine’s day related activities and festivities will not be allowed to be held in public places. The order also imposed a similar bar on official level as well. The media, both electronic and print, have been cautioned against giving any coverage to the ‘day of love.’

The information ministry, PEMRA chairman, Federal government and chief commissioner have all been directed to submit a reply in this regard within the next 10 days.

Valentine’s Day has no connection with our culture and it should be avoided,” Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain

It should be mentioned that last year, Mamnoon Hussain also stated that Valentine’s Day has no part in our culture and that it is a western tradition that we could do without.

  • What a priority. Can we please also pass a law that effective medical care be provided free of cost to all elderly poor or rich and top class mandatory education be provided to all children under the age of 18 — importing teachers if we have to.

      • Bhai iska ka Meter Khraab hai aap moo e na lago

        Jo her cheez me keeerry ee nikaalty hain

      • tu bara bachion main gir rha hai ? aur ager kisi kii hai bhi tou tujhe kantain lag raay hain uski waja say?

    • Pakistan is an Islamic Country and lewdness isn’t allowed in religion. That’s it. (Full Stop).

        • Mr. have you any doubts are confusions over Islamic state are on existence of 70 yers of Pakistan.. tell me a single place in the world, where everything is perfect.. I Challange you!!! feel proud on Pakistani even Afghanistan will not give you refuge..

        • U r jahil. U laugh or dance doesn’t matter. U agree or disagree that doesn’t change the fact.

        • if you are so serious to celebrate it.. you are free to go outside pak and enjoy.. at least don’t criticize Islam and Pakistan, over your desires.. being inspired by Christens culture.

          • Haha I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s but this has nothing to do with Islam so stop hiding behind that excuse. You know what is really against Islam? Our entire economic system based on the concept of sood. Why isn’t anyone crying wolf about that? Why isn’t the court banning it? This whole thread is a big joke, just like this country.

          • Mr Fahad Kamal, He isn’t criticizing Islam and Pakistan. You piece of shit cannot challenge anyone ideology and nationalism and ask them to leave Pakistan. Get a life dude!

        • In ya un cheezon main nahi. Deen mukamil hai na zair na zabar. Na agar na magar. Baki jo amal na karay phir woh jo chahay karay.
          Deen sub cheezon main laago hoga tumhari marzi k mutabik nahi hoga k in cheezon pe ho un pe na ho. Fahashi manah hai har surat main. So in cheezon ya un cheezon ka kia maqsad hai? Kia tum yeh keh rahay ho yeh sub according to Islam hai? Agar nahi tou phir baat khatam. Yeh Fahashi hai aur Islam main Fahashi manah hai. Bas simple is that.

          • Fahashi sirf tmhare dimagh pr he. Valentine’s wale din koi sarkon pr nanga nahi phirta. Us se zyada fahashi basant celebrations pr hoti he. Sood lete hue Islam kyun nahi yad ata? Dozakh ka indhan he sood. Sb banks ko illegal kyun nahi declare krti court? But nahi, khuda na khuasta koi Valentine’s day celebrate krle bs, vo to Islam se kharij hojae ga. Baqi jhoot, chori, qatl sb chalta he.

            • Tou tumhara matlab hai jab woh saray buray kaam chal rahay hain tou yeh kyuin nahi? Hai na? Isko bhi rukna nahi chahiye. Zabardast logic hai tumhari.

              • Nahi me keh rha hun k ye bohat insignificant matter. Koi Valentine’s celebrate kre is se kisi ka bura nahi hota. Court ko esi cheezon pr time zai krne k bjae mulk me doosri buraiyon ki tarf tawajja deni chahiye.

                • Burai burai hai merey bhai, agar aik burai kam horahi hai tou kyuin na ho? Baki buraiyan bhi honi chahiye khatam bilkul. Valentine’s ban hona achi baat hai k aik burai kam ho.

                  • Tm sb ek hi backward khet ki mooli ho. Itne close minded mt raho. Valentine’s is only bad if you make it, just like internet, TV, books.

              • Ho sakta he agar chaho to. It’s a day about love. Mohabbat bato. Zaroori nahi k apni mehbooba ko propose kro. Jis cheez se pyar he jese apne waldain se, mulk se un sb ko apni khushion me sharik kro. Ye gandi zehniat rakhne wale Valentine’s ko bhi apne jesa smajhte hain. Jake history parho.

                • Lol. Zabardast! Bohat naik khayalat hain tumharay. Tum pehlay tou soud jaisi cheezon ki misal de rahay thay ab Eid jaisa tehwar bana diya.

                  • Well only if you want to. Baqi koi zabardasti nahi tm chaho to ghar pr rotey hue guzaro ye soch kr k koi tmhe kabhi Valentine’s chocolate nahi d ga. Or court ko bhi koi hq nahi pohanchta kisi ko rokne se agar wo celebrate krna chahe. It’s an independent country and we’re all accountable for our own actions.

                    • Aur tum jaisay khod apni aurton ko ghair mardon k saath najaiz talukat rakhwatay ho. Incest wala concept bhi tumhi logon k haan hota hai. Jis pe sharam ki bajaye fakhr hai tumhain. Ghairatt tum logon ki dictionary main nahi.

                    • kaha na zehniyat hi gandi he. hame to incest kia hota he pta bhi nahi tha, aj tm se hi suna he. tm jese fehesh logon k mun lagne se bhi ghin ati he. Jao Jake incest kro

    • This is a classic example of jealously and a useless statement for the govt. Anyhow this is a good step Valentines day should be banned permanently in Pakistan.

  • hypocrate govt always ban everything except corruption and lie.if entire world is celebrating valentines day why it is not for us.Folks.plz avoide vote them these budha leage including president and pm.

    • Would you please ask your sister to have a Valentine date with me? Entire world is celebrating. Your sister should too celebrate.

      • It’s not his job to ask his sister to have Valentine date with you. You should ask her yourself. He can at least provide you her number if he believes in free love and dating.

      • oho here comes the mom sis brigade! why dont you also tell your mom and sis what time they should wake up what time they should sleep also the breaths per minute they should take since you do obviously care so much for them that much to decide their life choices and your fragile male ego being hurt by their decisions in life which might not be according to the superficial moral values and islamic traditions that you have so self righteously mastered or master ba ted to. samajh nahin aya ho tou urdu translation bhi provided hai upvote per click kerain aur dekhain sscandal!!

        • Why it irks you people that I am asking him to ask his sister for a date with me? Should not it be the decision of his sister? Why are you crying like a baby? What no body has asked you for a date? then you should see your face in mirror and see if its full of “LANAT by Shaitan”. Should not it be a normal case if he asks his sister and his sister agrees to date me?

  • If media stop creating hype on such events, most of the people even do not remember them. As valentine promote illegitimate relationship, the court order is appreciable.

        • please I would like to be enlightened! is it the Christians won a battle against the muslim ummah propaganda or the true history f the event? even if people want to be wit their partners that arent in a NIKAH who the hell is the islamabad high court to intrude upon people’s personal views and celebrations! why dont they stop people celebrating mumtaz qadri’s shaheed status?! that is also wrong no?

  • It is very good step, we must appreciate such positive decisions of govt. This will help to safe our real values.

    • what are pakistani values please define it would be very enlightening! or Zia’s values? why does the court have to intrude upon people’s lives? is it not upon the individual to do it themselves morally police themselves? or is the holier than thou courts dont have anything better to do?

  • I’m a PTI supporter lekin is step keliye taaliyan banti hain jo theek karta hai usko appreciate zaroor karna chahye chalo kuch to acha ho raha very well done miyan sahab

  • Still no support for pmln but this needs to be appreciated. Who knows Allah may forgive them upon this act. Highly appreciated. And yes please a request do the same for other bad thing going on.

    • > Who knows Allah may forgive them upon this act.

      Lmao are you for real? I really hope that was a joke.

  • Talibanization of Pakistan in full swing.

    IHC is right. Anything to do with happiness is not our culture.

    Our culture is only zinda laash (aka burqa) and chopping of Heads (aka Shariah) , Karo kari (aka gairat) and obviously pishaap and potty near schools and mosques.

    Mashallah bara lash culture hy Musalmanun ka, notwithstanding the fact that there is no such words as “muslim culture” because muslims are not one Entity , they are a group of difference races, ethnicities and regions.

    How about the “gay kissing” arab culture and cheek kissing Iranian culture? is that “muslim culture” too ?

    Looks like, even in 2017 some brains are sitll living in 7th century Arabian peninsula

    • None of them is Islamic culture and none of them is supported. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • LOL spot on man!, jesay her saal during ramzan (“Ramadan” now because we WANT to be arabs forcibly) sub hajji sb bun jaatay hein isi tara every year during valentines day sub ko islam yaad ajata hai even though it doesn’t make a difference :D

  • total buffoonery this is called. there are ways of doing things. this should have been done months ago, right now businesses have invested so heavily for the following two days. I am also against it especially of promotion in schools and universities.

    currently it sounds like a cry from a person who doesn’t have a valentine.

    Note: This has nothing to do with politics and this is not a policy. this is a court’s abrupt decision based on one citizen’s petition.

  • Valentines day like many other days(mother’s day, father’s day etc.) is just one of the corporate tricks to sell. It has nothing to do with our needs or culture per se.

  • Though I am avoiding to comment these days, but is par tu comment banta hai.

    Ya Allah Pak tera shukar hai ke iska bhi khayal tu aaya kisi ko. Ya Allah IHC ko is par istakamat ata farma aur is par pora amal karne ki taufiq ata farma. Aameen

  • The decisions from Islamabad High Court are only valid WITHIN Islamabad. The decisions of Supreme Court are valid in entire Pakistan.

  • lol the same people cry when France bans burqa. Hypocricy much?

    Also, how would you feel when some other country bans public offering of prayers in mosques because “It is against their culture”

    Live and let live. I would argue against both the France ban as well as this ban.

    • Banning offering of namaz is against a religion. This lewdness is not part of any religion or religious activity. How can you compare namaz n burqa ban with this shit? U seem lacking sense. Come up with some better argument.

      • It doesn’t make a difference if it’s against a religion or not. What I’m trying to say is that a religion can be against someone’s culture. I would be against banning either religion or an event such as Valentine.

        There is a world outside that little safe box that you live in. A world where someone can hold different views. I know it’s hard to grasp but at least try to imagine.

    • For your Information there is a hella difference between banning someone Attire or public offering places and an event (Valentine)
      Banning attire or Prayer places means they are disturbing the daily lives of the people.
      What disturbance is created by banning Valentine?
      And Yes France was Wrong if it bans someone Attire it shouldn’t disguise itself as a Secular State

      • Someone can just as easily say that Azan is a disturbance to them. What disturbance is created by allowing Valentine? The people celebrating it aren’t forcing you to join them. But you definitely are forcing them to stop.

        • Khachar ki nasal how can u compare azan and namaz with your fathr Valentine’s? One is religious duty other is merely a shittyyy event. Which religion’s part is this Valentine’s? If not then how can these 2 can be compared?

          • Hahaha which religion teaches you to call someone “Khachar ki nasal”? If I recall correctly, the Prophet was gentle even with those who were plotting to assasinate him. Can you really even call yourself a Muslim anymore?

            Religious duty? Nobody else apart from the people following your religion care about your religious duty lmao. And those people are trying to live their lives whatever way they want. But people like you are trying to force their own ideology on them because you belive you are correct. Guess what? Everybody is correct and everybody is wrong.

            • Just answer how can two be compared? U r saying Banning azan n namaz. This one belongs to a religion. The other one is Valentine’s day now which religion it belongs to? So how can both be compared? Why Banning Valentine’s day is as an issue as important as banning azan n namaz for u? How?

              • I’m not comparing them the same way you are. I’m comparing two things which are an individual’s right; to follow whatever religion he sees fit (by wearing what his religion teaches him) and to celebrate whatever even he wants to. The state has no right to interfere in my life.

            • Here’s nobody is banning people from temple, church or Masjid. So how come you are comparing both? Is Valentine’s your religion?

        • IMO we should promote our own culture as our President said,”Valentine’s Day has no connection with our culture and it should be avoided”.I stand by him at-least own this matter if not at other matters :P
          I will say it again banning someone attire or religious place is a whole different matter than banning an event.For e.g What if a church is sealed in Pakistan now that is awfully wrong and condemnable I hope you got my point. PEACE!!

    • Tumharay nazdeek Namaz ban karna aur Valentine’s day ban karna aik hi baat hai? Kis nasal ka hai tu?

  • Regardless of anyone’s point of view, “Chutiye ro mat” says a lot about how professional this forum has become. Some very decent comments that disagree with propakistani or disclose ow biased it is are deleted and this language isn’t. Mr Atta can do much better

  • Great reply. One is comparing azan n namaz ban with this shitty ban. Look at their mentality and still wondering why I’m questioning his nasal.

  • Great reply. One is comparing azan n namaz ban with this shiitty ban. Look at their mentality and still wondering why I’m questioning his nasal.

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