Apple Signs $4.3 Billion Deal with Samsung for iPhone OLED Panels

Samsung has finalized yet another deal with Apple to supply OLED panels for its upcoming iPhone. The deal, which involves the Samsung Display subsidiary of the Korean giant, is worth $4.3 billion, and will see the company provide 60 million panels to Cupertino.

The deal will build upon the previous deal which was said to provide Apple with up to 100 million OLED panels. While the technology was said to be making its way only on the high-end model of the iPhone 8, the current volume indicates both models could be coming with the new hardware.

The display size of the said panels is yet to be deciphered, but early rumors indicated they could come in three different options, with the high-end iPhone 8 model getting the OLED treatment. They also indicated an edge-to-edge display, which will be quite a big leap over the current, aging design philosophy. Fitting the final piece of the puzzle, the displays could also be curved, though, we are wishing too much at this point. Since these were all rumors, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Samsung, for its part, is clearly the world’s leader when it comes to OLED technology, making up about 95 percent of the panel’s production in the world, though, LG has been working on increasing its production to become a potent rival.

While the number may sound a lot, it is still some way below the actual number of units sold in 2016 alone, that is around 200 million. Samsung is still the largest supplier of displays for the iPhone and that too by some distance.