Toshiba Reveals 8TB Consumer Focused Hard Drives

If you are in the market for ultra high-capacity storage options, you’re gonna have more choices soon.

Toshiba has announced a new MN series of 3.5″ high-storage hard drives, which come in capacity of 4, 6 and 8TB. The 7200RPM hard-drives are being targeted at both home users as well as the SOHO NAS market.

According to its maker, the hard drives can virtually be placed in any existing desktop system, boosting a data transfer rate of up to 230 MB/s for its top-end model, or 195-205 MB/s for its low-end 4 TB model.

The three models boast a 128 MB DRAM cache and will reportedly last you up to an average of a million hours between failures. It has also been rated for up to 180 TB/year of workload, undoubtedly stemming from years of its makers prowess in the enterprise segment.

Rated with an operating consumption of 9.2W, the 8 TB drive supports the SATA 3.3 6 GB/s interface and has an average latency of 4.17 ms. Its low-end siblings make do with SATA 3.1 interface.

As for the availability, the new hard drives will be available after the next couple of weeks, but the pricing details aren’t available. Warranty details are also yet to be revealed.

For reference, Seagate’s 8 TB HDD retails on Amazon for about $240, so expect the Toshiba model to cost in the same ballpark.