Opera’s ‘Reborn’ Update Brings a Subtle Redesign & Adds New Features

The popular browser makers have recently released a new version of Opera. It is a redesign of the original Opera browser which takes cues from a concept dubbed as Opera Neon.

The blog post about the redesign mentions that it is part of a bigger project called Reborn, with more details incoming in the days ahead.

Here are some of the main features of Opera Reborn:

Refreshed Look and Feel

First things first, the overall look and feel of the browser has been overhauled. It looks like a cross between traditional Opera design amalgamated with Neon.

The look and feel will be uniform across different platforms with the same Windows 10-esque tabs on the Mac version as well. Speed dial has been refreshed with a new and different look and animations (the speed dial tabs float when you hover your mouse on them).

New Light and Dark Themes

Windows 10 is the focal point here with Opera Reborn getting a light and dark theme, quite similar to Microsoft’s own Edge browser.

Three different background options are also available currently on the developer build. You can select different options for the dark/light theme or backgrounds in the “Themes” option.

The Sidebar

As for the sidebar, it has been added to the main window of the browser instead of being limited to the speed dial page, as is the case in the original Opera browser. It works the same way as the sidebar on Opera Neon with one click access to browser history, downloads, bookmarks etc.

Dedicated Facebook Messenger Link

One of the unique features of the new sidebar is a dedicated Messenger.com link on the sidebar. Clicking on it slides open the Facebook Messenger interface where u can instantly reply to a message or send it without having to switch tabs.

Just click on the Messenger icon and login to start using it. You can either slide it open on demand as shown in the GIF above or you can open it in overlay and pin it side by side with your current tab.

Opera is planning to add more social services, that work in a similar way, soon.

You can try Opera Reborn on Windows right now by downloading it here. Do take note that this a developer version of the browser and is very likely to contain a lot of bugs, use it at your own risk.

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  • Microsoft in Win10 has launched Edge Browser which is quite awesome. The thing is, my work requires me to use different browsers and I have been using Opera since a decade now, the article says Opera’s Reborn which is quite misleading coz the features have been there since year 2012. The article is not a sponsored one as well, so its Reborn for the Writer as well as for those who never used it before 2012.

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