PSL 2017: Pakistan’s 1st Exclusive Livestream Crosses 1 Million Mark in 3 Days

“Nobody in Pakistan watches cricket on livestream”. This is a mere perception which is not borne out by the actual facts. The fact is that with the dawn of the digital age, internet penetration in Pakistan has gone over 20%, with one out of 5 Pakistan is using the internet as their primary choice of media exposure.

As a first foot forward, PCBs official Media Marketing Right Holders of the HBL PSL, Blitz Advertising has successfully launched Pakistan’s first exclusive content livestream (in partnership with ITW and Trans Group) on

With over 1800 unlicensed streams blocked on DRM, this initiative has proven to a win win for both the advertisers and subscribers.

When it comes to numbers, Pakistan’s first exclusive content livestream has outperformed expectations. Viewership has crossed the one million mark in a record three days, with over 100% of in-stream ad inventory sold and booked at 1.8 times the price expectation from the market.

Premiere brands like Pepsi, Nestle, Haier, ABL, Oppo, Shell and over 12 others have flocked into the picture, with complete inventory lockdown within 72 hours of opening.

Kashif Amin, Executive Director, Blitz, while commenting on this said:

“A major paradigm shift is happening within the media industry of Pakistan, and we intend to lead the charge.

With 63% internet penetration in Lahore, livestream content will be King in times to come, and we look forward to exclusive content partnerships with major brands and agencies to establish our foothold as a premier digital content provider in times to come.”

This initiative is raising eyebrows across the media landscape of Pakistan, with more and more brands looking to get a piece of the pie.

  • I didn’t bother watching the live stream this year since it wasn’t being streamed in 720p like last year. I was expecting we’d probably go the next step and offer 1080p and 60fps this year but instead PSL decided to downgrade. They didn’t even consider 60fps at 720p.

    Also, last year’s stream worked on Smart TVs, Xbox One (via YouTube app and Edge) and PS4, while Cricket Gateway’s stream has problems on TVs and consoles.

    PSL broadcast team should really consider investing in a better streaming platform even if they don’t want to use YouTube’s infrastructure.

    • Exactly. i was also looking forward to 720p 60fps streaming, since sports is better in 60fps. Instead they downgrade to 480p bad quality streaming.
      Also, the PSL website keeps going down again and again with the message “Error establishing connection to database”. PSL management need to fix these issues before the more crucial matches, since the website will then totally crash.

    • There is always an option to pay for the services you need. Cant say about Pakistan, but i have paid like 1000Rs for the season and i do watch in 1080p.

  • this is why dth doesn’t matter. it’s just a stop gap technology. iptv is the future and no one can block it. pemra will not be able to censor content online.

  • DFM aap logon ki logic pe.. even if its not 720p, its way better then TV. And didn’t you notice the speed? Its as smooth as you are watching it on TV even with an ordinary internet connection. We watched it on live stream by connecting laptop with LCD via HDMI and its an absolute love and treat to watch.

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