AliExpress App Now Shows Prices in Pakistani Rupees

If you shop online regularly, chances are you might have ordered something from AliExpress at some point. The online store contains a ton of stuff from all sorts of categories for you to order.

The only problem with AliExpress was that it showed prices in US Dollars. You were supposed to convert the prices to Pakistani Rupees manually via a calculator or through Google search. Not anymore.

Only on Android for Now

The updated AliExpress app on the Google Playstore can let you view product prices in PKR or Pakistani Rupees. Although it is a quality of life update, it will save you the hassle of constantly having to switch tabs to convert prices on a laptop/pc or to switch to a calculator on your phone.

Unfortunately the update is limited to Google Playstore only with no word of when this update will hit iOS.

How to Turn on PKR Prices

To use this option on the AliExpress app, tap on the hamburger icon on the top left corner inside the app.

Scroll down and tap on settings.

Here you can tap on “Currency” and choose PKR to display prices in Pakistani Rupees.

Guides for Shopping at AliExpress

If you’re planning on shopping at AliExpress any time soon, the new app will make things easier for you. You can also consult our shopping guide for AliExpress which covers the “do’s and don’t’s” for shopping on AliExpress.

Read More: Best Practices for Ordering Items from AliExpress in Pakistan [Guide]

If you do not have a debit or credit card that works online, you can use this guide to buy products on the Chinese online store.

Download AliExpress app on Google Playstore.

Thanks to Shahzada Shaheryar for the tip.

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  • Hmmm :
    Delivery Charges, Duties, Taxes ka to Bataya He Nahi :
    China to Pakistan Ka :
    By Road Ka Kitna,
    By Sea Ka Kitna,
    By Air Ka Kitna Etc :

    • Khurshid wali

      Delivery k 2 option hai..
      1 to free hota hai.. or 20 -50 din lag jate hai…
      2. DHL wagaira cost bohot high hoti hai with in 7 days pounch jate hai

      • I know each and everything i asked to Editor Jab Itna Kuch Lilkh Diya to Ye Q Missing tha ?

        • in Love of Making Things

          check fbr site for item specific taxes

          • in Love of Making Things

            ok below comment show you know that , just being smarty pants here :)

          • I am already working import and export field in know each and everything

            • in Love of Making Things

              good for you. goodluck

    • Muhammad Yasir

      woh aap ko govt officials apni marzi sy bata denge :p

  • DJ

    but it just shows conversion amount in PKR order still in USD :( koi faida nai still 1 USD = 113 including all bank charges etc.

  • Ali

    Any friend bta skta hai agr koi aliexpress se koi mobile buy kre to custom tax approximately kitna lgta hai.

    • umer

      Mostly logon ka 1800-2500 laga tha

      • Custom Charges PKR 250 Per Set Hai
        Excluding of Sales Tax, Income Tax, & Other Expenses

        • umer

          just likha itna hota hai charge bohat zaida kerte hain

          • I am HOD Of IMPORT EXPORT :
            7 Saal Se Kar Raha Ho :
            Jo Likhta hai Customs Wo He Mangta Hai Customs Chai Pani Jata Hai Wo Alag Hai

        • Ali

          Can u tell me that mostly time when u do order how many u pay total taxes ?

          • Different Product Different Taxes !
            Mostly i was cleared through chai pani without taxes !
            In case of special product like Mobile then charges are as follows :
            Custom Duty : PKR 250 Per Set
            Sales Tax : 17% (For Commercial add 3% More)
            Income Tax : 5.5% (For Commercial then 9% instead of 5.5%)
            1% Plus 1% Landing & Insurance Charges will be added in your actual invoice value.
            Other than cost like, Custom Clearance charges you will pay your agent who will cleared your consignment from customs like. DHL, FedEx, & any others lum sum 1000 to 5000 &.

            • coldwindow

              by chaie paani , u mean bribe and you are boasting about it.Well very unfortunate that rishwat dene wala openly bharke marne laga hai

              • Boss !
                Without Chai Pani : Custom Ka Apna Bhi Maal Hoga to Wo Bhi Nahi Nikal Sakta !
                Ap Sub Kuch De Do Complete Documents then at the end kahy gay Hamay Kun Dega !

            • Ali

              Thanks,I have doubt that kia muje imei and invoice manufacture ki zrorat hai kia custom clearance k lye ?

              • Invoice to dena hoga ! Custom Value Kaha Se Lega : Calculation K Liye :
                Jaha Se Buy Kar Rahy ho Wo Apko Invoice dega : Nahi De to Bolna for PAK Tax i need invoice & mentioned IMEI on there.

                • Ali

                  Whats app No hai for more detail

    • Hamid

      You need NOC from PTA to ship mobile phone. So the hassle might not be worth it.

      • No need for NOC :
        In case of new brand which was not presented in Pakistan then you need NOC before shipping the goods for Pakistan & PTA demand complete documents including specification chart, brand details & supplier details to arrange NOC but new brand is not allowed in Pakistan agar PTA ne khud usy allow na kiya ho as Xiaomi Mobiles jo ab allow howa

    • SSyar

      you could get lucky., if they(pak post officials) didnt notice whats in the parcel/packet., and you wont have to pay any :D

  • Zubair

    Worth trying, Pakistan’s first cashback website which offers cashback on AliExpress purchase.

  • Not only that, It is going to save you 3.5% currency conversion charges applied by statebank for online card transactions.. which is a big deal, a real advantage of this.

    • Guest

      It’s not like that, when you pay you’ll still be paying in USD, PKR amount is just for reference you’ll always be charged more than PKR displayed.

      • DJ

        yeah right so in short no difference all remain same still USD will be around 113 PKR

    • Faheem Asghar

      Not By SBP but by Banks.

  • Umair Qureshi

    its working on iOS too