This High Tech Solution Ensures You Never Struggle with a Ketchup Bottle Again

You would think that the scientists and researchers around the world, and especially at one of the most reputed research universities would be looking for solutions to world peace, but they have actually found the solution to something much better – how to get ALL the ketchup out of the bottle!

Yes! You read that right! Every last drop of ketchup can now be used without all the frustration that comes with trying to get it out of the bottle or squeeze it out of the pack.

MIT Getting The Ketchup Out

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have devised a new method of making ketchup containers that reduces ketchup waste by a significant amount.

These researchers have come up with a coating that makes the interiors of bottles slippery enough that the ketchup comes out easily. Every last drop actually.

This is how it works:

For this innovation to work the container must be coated with a rough interior first. Next, a very thin layer is placed on top of it and lastly a cooled liquid is added that fills in the troughs formed by the rough surface to form a slippery surface. This slipperiness then aids in the quick slide-out of the ketchup.

Is it Safe To Get All The Ketchup Out?

The main question that might arise over the use of this technology in ketchup containers would be whether or not this is safe. And Professor Kripa Varanasi, a co-developer of this technology, has deemed it completed edible since it has been made out of “food-based materials”.

The other co-developer, Dr. David Smith, claims that it will reduce waste significantly as the ketchup is squeezed out. The amount of frustration is also greatly decreased when trying to get the ketchup out of the bottle.

This coating can be used in other containers such as toothpaste, glue, and cosmetics containers.

via BBC News