Pakistan Sharia Court Approves Test Tube Babies with Conditions

Pakistan’s Federal Shariat Court, in a landmark ruling, has approved test tube babies in the country while saying that babies can only be made through male sperms and female egg of legitimate married couples only.

A full bench, headed by Chief Justice, Federal Shariat Court, Mr. Justice Riaz Ahmed Khan, was hearing the case relating to test tube babies and its acceptance in Islam.

Ruling said that while development of babies can be carried out in an external environment, but both the male and female — used to conceive the baby — will have to be married as per Islamic law.

According to this new ruling, if any partner — male of female — has inability to conceive the pregnancy, then they can not have test tube babies by getting support from third-parties in shape of sperm or female egg.

Court said that all third-party assistance for making test tube babies is not allowed in Islam.

Ruling said that if both the partners are legitimately married to each other then modern machines, medicines and science can be used to make babies even .

Court ruling also asked Government of Pakistan to make legislative changes in the law to incorporate this new ruling that allows test tube babies in certain cases only.

Court said that anyone involved in making babies through test tubes, while not following above defined procedures, will be actually committing a crime.

Order also said that doctors, surrogates, sperm banks and egg banks are also not allowed to operate after this and that any violation should be dealt according to the law.

  • Qaiser

    sae hu gya

  • FuriousNinja

    ‘Order also said that doctors, surrogates, sperm banks and egg banks are also not allowed to operate after this and that any violation should be dealt according to the law.’

    Doctors are not allowed to do what after the order? In-vitro fertilization? Then who’ll perform the procedure?

    • Mehran Mamonai

      I think here Doctor means Private Practicing doctors, which in many cases are not accountable

      • Samee

        They’re also under accountability.

    • Muhammad Kamran

      These entities cannot operate, if they are violating Rule as defined above. i.e. Only married couple can be operated.

  • Ahsan @Logan

    That’s good….aur ye mjy to samaj ni aati k koi 3rd party wala kaam karta hi qn ha? I mean how can you do that and live with it?

    • Naqi

      adopting a child maybe?

      • Ahsan @Logan

        Adopting to thk ha but I am talking about 3rd party test tube baby

        • Mirmoeen Uddin

          3rd party is involved in many Cases

          1. Males sperm is Unable to fertilise egg. Than male sperm is taken from some other person egg is taken from femail(ligitemate wife) than egg is fertilise in test tube than inserted again in utres.

          2. Male sperm is good but female egg is unable to fertilise. Than egg is taken from another woman and sperm of male is taken in test tube. egg is fertise. than inserted in utres of ligitimate wife

          3. when woman’s utres is unable to hold pregnancy. than Egg and spem is taken from ligitimate couple . fertilise in test tube(un-natural way) than placed in utres of another woman.

          4. gg and spem is taken from ligitimate couple fertilise and grown in test tube as well.(All un-natural way)

        • Abdul Rafay Amir

          by third party you mean surrogate mothers and sperm donors??

          • Ahsan @Logan


    • Muhammad Kamran

      Because you are only considering Muslim society. In rest of world it does not matter. You may also know that unfortunately we Muslims are copying western society without feeling guilty. So “How can they do that and live with it” is for those categories.

  • Iram Naz

    It is a great discussion by the sharia court.Much appreciated.We are muslims and Islamic law is our dignity.

  • Faheem Ahmed

    could help many people in need

  • Salman Haider

    Kia koe mard apni sperm se peda honay walay bachay ki nisbat Stephen Hawkins waghera jese genius admi k sperm ko tarjeeh ni dega. Bewaqoof bachay peda karnay ki bajaye me to khud is option pr ghor karoonga. Pakistan ko molvi aur parsa type logo ki nisbat zaheen aur farz shanas logo ki zyada zarurat hay.

    • Unknown

      Molvi log tm jaisy logo ki paidawar hai. Agr kisi ka beta genius nai hai to molvi bana dhethy ho. And By they way if you are preferring Stephen Hawkins sperms overs yours, they why you are going for test tube. Why not do it practically. Hopefully Stephen Hawkins will accept your invitation happily.

      • Mian Zahid

        bhai agar us ne ghalat bol diya hay na ilmi ki waja se ya bachpane ki waja se to aap khayal kar ko aap kiya keh rahe ho. mere dono se request hay ke aap dono ALLAH se muafi mango.

        • @mian_zahid:disqus
          Yahi Maholl Hai Hamara Jawani Ka Khoon Bohat Garam Hota Hai :
          Debit Vs Debit Bus Log Ye Chahty Hai

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali

        HAhahahahahah Khooob Li aap ny to :p

    • Hahaha… Salman bhai sirf sperm kyun lena he phir, direct wife ko bhej do intelligent banday ke pass. Pesay bhi bach jaein ge aor time bhi. Aor thori si entertainment bhi ho jaye gi free mein.

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali

        LoLxxx :p

      • Adeel

        Hahahaha ?
        Ap to chha gaye Abdullah Bhai ?

      • Salman Haider

        Farz kare mene aap k mashware pr amal kar bhi diya, ab aap mujhe iska nuqsan sabit kar k dikha do. Aqal aur science ki roshni me jawab darkar hay. Mazhabi jahalat wali ghisi phiti behas se mujhe sakht chir hay.

        • Hussain

          Kya App Muslman Hain? Agar Han to Kabhi Masjid Gaye hain?
          Agar Nahi to Muslamno Wala Naam Istemail na karen kiun kay app ka naam to muslmano wala hai per khayalat muslamano walay nahi.
          Kiun kay jis mashware per app amal karnay ja rahay hain wo aik muslman soch bhi nahi sakta. Agar App ko waqi meri baat feel howi to reply zaroor karna.

        • Aap jesay logon ko mein nuqsan samjha kar apna time zaya nahi karna chahta sir g. Aap ki wife ke mazay hon ge, faida hi faida he :-)

    • Emraan

      صحیح کہا آپ نے۔ ایسے فرض شناس جنہیں شریعت کا پتہ ہے نہ فقہ کا!

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  • Salim

    wow what a blog, what is its relevance to this forum? am i wrong in calling this site similar to a tabloid, when propk dont find stuff to copy paste or perform hearsay based analysis, they revert to such news merely to attract traffic.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      They earned 2 million dollars. Go and claim the money they generated because of you.

      • Salim

        millions of dollars are given to many but not for any positive purpose, so dollars doesnt justify your intent or purpose. but that may not make any difference for blind or paid followers like yourself.

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          I am not blind (Alhamdullilah) nor paid.
          Are you even real?

    • We are happy with ProPakistani sharing any important news related to Pakistan as long as it is authentic. You can easily skip the articles you don’t want to read. Why waste time commenting on something you are not interested in the first place!

      • Salim

        Paid comments? i won’t be surprised if you are.

        • No man. I actually follow Propakistani mainly for such Pakistan related news. I am least interested in the tech and telecom news.

          Moreover, I don’t think Aamir bhai would have ever paid anyone just for commenting in the favour of Propakistani. That’s ridiculous.

    • Syed Zarar

      ProPakistani has always kept a keen eye on everything important related to Pakistan. I don’t see the problem.

  • Abdullah Butt

    Dutch Fertility Clinic Investigates Possible Sperm Mix-Up

    Has anyone told the shariah board of this possibility when using test tube babies? Of course, nobody bothered to inform them of such cases.

  • Syed Talha Shamim

    Well its good ,