Bitcoin Soars To An All Time High Of $1186

Bitcoin is seeing a price surge since last year, but this time the roll is big enough to take the cryptocurrency to its all-time high price of $1186, overtaking its previous best of $1165, set all the way back in November 2013.

The currency has risen more than 25 percent this year already, following a drop of 5 percent in January. Based on the current trend, the currency is likely going to keep climbing in value.

What’s more baffling is the reason behind this recent surge is hard to pinpoint.

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It could be closely linked with the surge of stock exchanges including NASDAQ, Dow and S&P 500, which all recently reached all-time highs, though, that would be an anomaly since alternates like Bitcoin generally do better in opposite situations.

It could be linked with an increased value of yuan in China, which is causing people to look elsewhere, or the unstable political and economic situation in a number of locations. The first ever ETF in the US could be linked to its rise, or it could just be the fact that the industry is increasingly seeing it as a currency and not as an asset anymore.

All-in-all, this could be a sign that the seldom-regulated currency will finally be following the pattern followed by exchanges more closely from now on, rather than following a tune of its own.

As it stands, it is again difficult to say anything with confidence regarding the currency, given we have already seen its volatility just earlier this year.

  • بلا بدمعاش

    Its a fraud so soon it will burstout

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Define ‘fraud’?

    • Muhammad Yasir

      what kind of logic are you applying to this ?

      let’s see what’s making you so sure that Bitcoin is a ‘fraud’ … i’m sure it’s a mind-blowing reason you have , no shame in sharing that , right ?

    • Dr. Lecter


  • Eli Ehsan

    Trump’s the reason. tellin’ y’all. Those folks are stupid as heck & that’s why people are converting & investing their hard earned money into this crypto-magic so trumteers can’t get a hold of it. #TaaziConspiracy :)

    • Muhammad Yasir

      well … it IS safe , for the moment

      and no one can steal it from you unless you have no brain … so , no shame in doing so