Razer’s New Power Bank Can Charge Phones & Laptops on the Go

While the fear of being left out with a dead phone battery has caused many people to carry power banks, the sentiment isn’t shared with laptop owners. At any case, Razer has got you covered once again with an innovative solution which can charge pretty much any portable that you own.
Dubbed simply as the “Power Bank”, it comes with a nominal 12,800 mAh internal battery. A USB-C cable will make sure it charges any device which uses a USB Type-C slot. Case in point, Razer’s own Stealth laptop, which can last up to 15 hours more on a fully charged Power Bank.
Regular phones and tablets are also supported (rather encouraged), with Razer providing two built-in USB-A ports which can charge your smartphone on the go. For phones which support it, the Power Bank also supports the faster Quick Charge 3.0 standard by Qualcomm for faster top-ups.
Though, technically you can use any device with the Power Bank, it would feel rather fitting to use it for one of Razer’s own laptops. The design language of the Power Bank is very similar to Razer’s laptops with an aluminium shell.
The Power Bank will go on sale from March of this year, for $150, making it one of the more expensive options in the market. Companies like Xiaomi have radically brought the price down for higher capacity battery packs by now, but options that will charge your laptop at the same time are hard to find.

  • It’s Good :
    15,000 mAH for USD 150 is Better !

    • Arslan Ejaz

      Bro Buy Anker powerbanks i myself have 20000mah power bank and it is the best out there and if only costs 7000pkr in Pak but k got it for 5600pkr though ??