IBM Is Looking to Hire Fresh Grads in Pakistan

IBM (International Business Machines), an American corporation operating in about 170 countries, has decided to open its doors to fresh university graduates in Pakistan. This is obviously beneficial for IBM itself but a significant piece of good news for all those prospective job applicants in Pakistan. It’s own reason for operating here is to be able to cater to the growing demand for technological and innovative business requirements.

IBM will not directly be operating in Pakistan but through the launch of its Client Innovation Center (CIC). This subsidiary is based in the three major cities of the country – Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

IBM’s move has opened a lot of job opportunities not just for university graduates in the country, although that section of the society is the one that will be benefiting the most.

And this is just a start. With IBM hailed as bigwig in the industry, it can potentially change the way the curriculum is designed in the future since the company hopes to collaborate with various academic institutions all over the country.

CIC is supposed to be IBM’s voice in the country regarding the modernization of the skills of these students who will then go out in the world and have need improve their skills further.

Furthermore, CIC is open for employment as well as internships to students from a variety of IT backgrounds such as science and computer sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

IBM’s CIC is actually a great venture not just for the graduates but also for the economy and the country as a whole. Pakistan lags behind many countries in the IT industry and the CIC’s goal of aiming to merge cognitive, cloud, and mobile services is a huge step in taking this forward.