Sony’s Projector Can Turn Anything into a Touch Screen

At last year’s MWC, Sony announced a unique projector with the ability to beam a touchscreen display on any surface. A year later, it is confirmed that the such a gadget is indeed going to hit the market.

Called the Xperia Touch, the device’s glitches have likely been removed in the meantime. However, some problems remain.

For one, there’s the beam which can be of up to an impressive 80-inch, however, at a resolution of only 1366 x 768. There are built-in cameras to sense the movement of your fingers, however, the lack of vibration feedback reportedly sucks you out of the experience.

It still supports up to 10-finger multi-touch on the projected image. Thankfully, its bag of tricks doesn’t end there. The Xperia Touch can transform into a smart speaker with support for Google’s Assistant. Lastly, with a 13-megapixel camera you can also make Skype video-calls whenever you like.

Of course, it is unrealistic to demand an acceptable price on any new tech equipment, and it is the same case with the Sony Xperia Touch. The Touch will be available come Spring of this year for 1599 Euros.

For that price, you can guarantee it to not be a mainstream gadget. However it could blaze a trail for many more such devices in the future. As it stands, it the Xperia Touch is an exciting concept which offers too little for too much to be even considered by the masses.

Via Engadget

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    Looks like Sony is really coming back with a bang.

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    It is like Multi-touch Meeting table /Multi-touch Meeting Room…

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    They are making 90’s kid imagination into a fascinating reality.

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    Sony’s been killing it lately..first with the camera sensor and now this..keep it up Sony