This Pakistani Martial Artist Smashed His Way to A New World Record

Muhammad Rashid from Karachi, Pakistan has set a new world record by smashing 77 soda cans with his elbow in just 60 seconds at a recent event in Gemona, Italy.

Muhammad Rashid has set other records previously, most notably:

  • Most walnuts crushed by the hand in one minute,
  • Most walnuts crushed with elbow in one minute,
  • Most spins of a fire staff in one minute,
  • Most nunchaku hits in one minute.

However, this is his most recent record and the best one so far:

According to the rules of the Guinness World Records, the cans should have been unopened prior to smashing and they should be completely smashed to a minimum width of 3cm.

Muhammad Rashid met all those requirements and managed to set a new world record.

The event was organized by the Associazione Conserva and a large audience from a lot of different countries including Germany and Italy were in attendance, many of whom had to put up their umbrellas to protect them from the spray of the crushed soda cans.

Mr. Rashid is also the Founder and President of the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts. He encourages people to learn this art not only for self defense but also to appreciate the way it gives a person strength.

Via Guinness

  • that awkward moment when you realize that a Muslim is crushing beer cans to get recognized in a world record.

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