Peekaboo Guru Finds the Best Deals & Discounts Around You

You’re hungry. It’s late. The kids’ whining drowns out all rational thought, and you’ve been driving around in circles for the last twenty minutes. You’re ready to give up, to park at the next restaurant to pay more than you want and eat less than you deserve.

Introducing Peekaboo Guru– A solution to your everyday shopping dilemma. Peekaboo Guru is a location based mobile application which acts as a complete lifestyle guide and shows the discounts, deals, sales and promotions offered not just by the businesses but the their alliance partners as well such discounts on Banks cards, student cards, Insurance cards and vouchers companies.

The application solves many problems that people come across in their daily lives. Along with deals and discounts, a user can get the address and direction, branches, timings, contacts, consumer reviews, rating, gallery, menu/services of the business in different industries like Food, Fashion, Health, Education, Services, Entertainment and more.

peekaboo guru

Go All Augmented Reality with Guru Eyes & Nearby

Peekaboo combines technology with practical usage. Through Guru Eyes, you can see places beyond the limited scope of human vision. Guru Eyes uses camera phone to show you places nearby.

Apart from that, users can view all the stores and businesses enlisted in a list view and a map view that’s launching soon.

User Response:

Since its Launch in July 2016, Peekaboo Guru has attracted over 100 thousand downloads from all across Pakistan. According to Google Analytics, there were over 2.1 Million screen views between Jan 01 to Feb 10 comprising of over 7886 Hours spend on the app. The application is set to launch in UAE by end of Q1 2017.

peekaboo guru

Revenue Model:

Peekaboo provides API integration to the companies providing discounts and offers such as the Banks, Insurance and discounts companies. Giving a discount to the customer is not enough. People need more information such as direction, branches, contact, terms, ambience, menu and services to avail. Peekaboo services takes away the data management cost which significantly reduces the cost of the businesses to manage data.

Other sources of revenue include Merchant Premium listings, Advertisements, Push notification. Analytics and lead generation.

Peekaboo also introduces an innovative way to reach the customers at the right time. Gone are the times when SMS were an effective way to reach the customer – nobody reads them now. Imagine sending a push notification to the customer as soon he or she steps in to Dolmen Mall. Or a foodie receiving message as soon the car reaches a popular food street.

To learn more about Peekaboo Guru, download the application from here

  • A very nice effort and excellent APP as you identified the customer’s pain point of information in-availability and I am sure that your APP could solve this problem. Specially the nearby options, branch timings and Menus…
    GURU eyes is exceptional!!!
    Is there any options for making transactions? Also, do you offer any app discounts?

  • I have been using this app and found it very useful. You can instantly search for discounts available on any store/service/cards. The app is user friendly and look and feel is also great. However I feel they need some improvement in bridging communication gap with their business partners as in few instances I witnessed that discount deals were not up to date.

  • Great App. We were waiting for something similar, it’s the Robinhood for people like me who are on limited budget.

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