Sportsfever360 Aims to Enable Players & Promote Sports in Pakistan

Sportsfever360 is a company whose sole focus is to find the immense talent that lies within Pakistan from the grass root level and provide them with opportunities which rightfully await them. The team behind the venture wants to promote Pakistan’s sport fanatics while grooming them into complete pros and help them improving their livelihood. With the help of corporate affiliations, this company is working tirelessly to provide sports facilities to everyone who takes part in any sort of competitive sports be it indoors or outdoors.

Not only that, they also provide an all-sports platform. They are incorporating technology into their initiative by introducing a variety of mobile applications & use of latest technologies to showcase the local talent to the world and provide them with opportunities our local sports heroes deserve.

Some of their technology Initiatives linked with sports are as mentioned below:

  • Score360
  • Book360
  • Performance360
  • Shop360
  • Live360

The details on each of these applications will be launched shortly.

The main objective that gave birth to this idea was to polish local Pakistani players and provide them with the best facilities to showcase their talent on a recognizable level and provide equal opportunities for growth in the sporting field. We need our youth to know that dreams can come true and a 9 to 5 job life is not what you should settle for if your heart is not in it.

Sportsfever360 has already initiated some local leagues and events in Pakistan and are working day in and day out with the objective to launch a very unique sporting calendar in Pakistan with the end goal to take the best lot on international levels where they can surely demonstrate their talent to the world.

Sportsfever360 team can be contacted on [email protected] or [email protected]

To begin the journey in Pakistan Sportsfever360 is launching first of its kind T20 League in Islamabad from march 25th to which will involve corporate amateur teams. This league will also be broadcasted on social media which is a new initiative in its own kind .

Join their Facebook page and visit their web site to get updates on their unique sports calendar in Pakistan.

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