Orient Introduces Double Offer on Refrigrators

Double offer, Double Dhamal: Orient Electronics is back with another amazing offer on its refrigerators for its customers. Orient decided to launch a sale on all its refrigerators considering the positive response of their customers. It is offering a discount of AT LEAST Rs 5,000 on every refrigerator along with a 10 year compressor warranty!

Orient’s says that its refrigerators are one of its best-selling products as they do not only keep food fresh for longer in comparison to other refrigerators but also come with an array of impressive features. Let us delve into them so you won’t have to:

Environmentally friendly

Orient electronics is aware of the damage chlorofluorocarbons can cause to our Ozone layer thus it makes extra effort to keep its products environmentally friendly. The refrigerators are no exception. So if you are one of the growing number of environmentally conscious citizens, make sure that you are equipped in accordance with Orient’s considerate refrigerator!


The refrigerators are also energy-efficient so that they can save energy and consequently cut down your electricity bill by half. The refrigerators are equipped with a 360 degree cooling system that keeps the contents fresh even during the load shedding hours.

Anti-Bacterial protection

Very few refrigerators come with the anti-bacterial feature but not the ones created by Orient. All the refrigerators are equipped with UV-Light protection to fight off bacteria which causes the food to go stale. Thanks to the Anti-Bacterial technology, your vegetables and fruits can now live longer, until you decide to eat them of course!

Adjustable Storage Capacity

Orient refrigerators also come with vast storage and adjustable shelves so that you can have plenty of space for your cakes, towering Tupperware and leftovers. Even the smaller fridge models have amazing storage capacity so fitting food in will never be a problem.

Daring Designs

Oh! And how can we forget about the iconic designs? The refrigerators are breathtakingly gorgeous; glossy, shiny and luxurious-looking. Colours range from deep blood red to a remarkable jet-black. You can definitely find a refrigerator to reflect your style; a beauty with brains indeed!

Buy the refrigerator of your choice now before the offer ends, either from an official outlet by or online from Orient’s website orient.com.pk without leaving the comfort of your home.

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