Careem Spams Its User Base But for a Good Cause

Careem’s entire user base in Pakistan received an SMS from the company today morning, saying:

Your Careem is here. Captain is Ms. Neha Mazhar.
Track now to know more:
Have a pleasant day!

This unwanted, and out of usual service message, was to amplify Careem’s message on International Women’s Day as it commits to induct and empower 100,000 women into its workforce.

Billed as “BeBold”, the campaign is about Careem’s Women Empowerment and Engagement Network (CWEEN) program that aims to ensure equal job opportunities for women.

Careem said that this is the first of many initiatives, and is aimed at strengthening gender diversity across its offices within the region. The company said that it is aiming to achieve zero gender bias by the end of the year.

While its unclear at this point in time, the company is committed to take on-board female captains to not only to create more job opportunities but also cater to the needs of Pakistani women riders so that they can travel with the utmost comfort and convenience.

In a communication with ProPakistani, Careem said that along with appointing female captains, it also plans to provide easy access to car ownership through bank loans or leasing for women to jump start their business with Careem.

Careem said that anyone — who knows a female candidate who is willing to start her own business or looking for a part-time job — can nominate her for this initiative by filling a form here:

  • Its a good initiative but what about sexual harrasment they face everyday in their workplace and on the way? This is the main reason people don’t want their women to do jobs because we have men dominated society.

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