doctHERs Falls Apart, Demerges into Two Entities

doctHERs, a celebrated startup that connects patients from far-flung areas of the country with doctors via internet-enabled technologies, video conferencing, community midwives, on-ground nurses, and community health workers, has demerged into two parts, we have checked.

This development has resulted in the formation of a new startup called Sehat Kahani that’s headed by Dr. Sara Khurram, who was a co-founder at doctHERs.

Dr. Iffat, the second co-founder of doctHERs, also came along with Dr. Sara while the third co-founder Mr. Asher Hasan will head doctHERs.

Dr. Sara, while speaking with ProPakistani, confirmed the development and said that decision was made due to difference in priorities and vision in how founders wanted to take along the startup.

She further said that it was amicably agreed and settled between all three founders to demerge operation in a manner that all existing clinical operations, tangible assets, contracts, MoUs etc. are transferred to newly formed venture Sehat Kahani.

Sehat Kahani said that it will execute all “existing contracts/partnerships” until their expiry under the supervision of the dedicated team which has now become the part of the Sehat Kahani organization.

doctHERs, on other hands, will be strategically pivoting to focus on the corporate sector and corporate value chains (factory workers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, micro-retailers, etc) and will continue to expand its nationwide network of remotely located female doctors.

As mentioned above, doctHERs will be headed by Mr. Asher Hasan.

Sehat Kahani said that it aims create 50 e-hub and 200 e-spokes in under-served communities by 2020. Moreover, it is committed to establishing a network of out of practice female physicians, nurses and community health workers that can serve 6 million beneficiaries across Pakistan.

“Now that we have mutually and amicably demerged from doctHERs, we hope to apply our social insight and operational expertise to continuing our journey under Sehat Kahani”, said the startup.

“Both parties wish each other every success in taking their laudable visions forward”, said Sehat Kahani and doctHERs.

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  • Hello Aamir: Your ‘sensationalist’ headline (‘doctHERs falls apart’) is extremely misleading – doctHERs has far from ‘fallen apart’ – it has strategically pivoted to focus on the corporate sector and corporate value chains which we believe to be a more sustainable, scalable business model. in fact we will be announcing a very large global partnership which will be a game changer for Pakistan. As Dr. Sara states” we have mutually and amicable de-merged” – that is not the same thing as ‘fallen apart’. Please be more responsible with your journalistic headlines.

    Dr. Asher Hasan, CoFounder/Executive Chairman, doctHERs; [email protected]

    • Dr. Asher hasan: Very True. Its pure sensationalism just for seeking attention and more reads nothing else. Wishing success to docthers and Sahat Kehani Team.

    • This is how I read it. Co founders fail to reconcile their
      differences. Failed to carry shared vision forward if there was any at
      all. Part ways. Sounds very much like falling apart.
      Sensational was the hype around Doct-hers. Now that it has fizzled out, co founders saw the bitter reality live. PP just dared to point it out publicly.

      • Hippo – you sound as thick as your name suggests…it’s quite easy and convenient for you to hide behind an animal’s derriere lest you reveal your hidden agenda….just to let you know, nothing has fizzled out.. au contraire, we have pivoted towards a much more sustainable, scalable business model.

    • Dear ‘DoctHis’: we’re rebuilding our team – 70% of the senior managers will be women – it has always been the vision of the company to empower women and will remain so…so to answer your question directly, it will remain doctHERs – for women by women…oh, and one other point – 50% of the board of directors are women…have a nice day!

    • ignorance is bliss….you obviously don’t know anything about the history of the organization…

  • What a coincidence, that this came out on a Women’s Day, that you kick all Women Entrepreneurs out of their own company.

    • Two women-led organizations have been emancipated on this day – something to be celebrated…not ridiculed…keep hiding behind your ‘anonymous’, faceless avatars…your IPs are well known to us :-)

  • DoctHERs without Dr. Sara Khurram feels like Apple without Steve Jobs, or Microsoft without Bill Gates, or how about Facebook without Mark Zuckerberg. Sorry to say but you lost the face of DoctHERs.

    You can bring in a thousands women in your company, but you cannot replace the original founders.

    I am nobody, I’m just an Admirer, who was inspired by all of the hard work that the girls were putting in. They were making waves in Pakistani Startup scene. I’m really shocked to see the company split before it really took off.

  • wat a shocker, asher hasan is a known fraud and conman. i’ve heard horror stories from the people who have worked for/with him, most likely these ladies found out his corruption and left. govt should investigate his business

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