Kuwait Lifts Visa Ban on Pakistanis After 6 Years

In a move that may surprise many, Kuwait has decided to lift the visa ban placed on Pakistani citizens.

This decision was made when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif mentioned visa restrictions when talking with the Kuwaiti Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber al Mubarak al Hamad al Sabah, yesterday.

The Prime Minister said that lifting the ban would remove a major obstacle for the “free movement of the business community”. He said that Pakistan is an investor friendly country being a popular destination for foreign investors. This is due to the liberal investment policy and having a high rate of return, according to the PM.

Ripe for Foreign Investment

He added that there are ample opportunities for investors, with 100 per cent equity on joint ventures in Pakistan. He stated that currently there are more than 1000 international companies operating across various sectors of the Pakistani economy. There are also several energy and infrastructure related projects that foreign investors may be interested in, with the Prime Minister stating,

We would welcome further investments from Kuwait in mega infrastructure and energy projects being undertaken in Pakistan.

There are more than 114,000 Pakistanis currently living in Kuwait which is further evidence of the strong ties between the two countries, said Nawaz Sharif.

Ministerial Commission and Business Council

The Prime Minister said that the Joint Ministerial Commission would provide the best platform to improve bilateral cooperation in different sectors of the economy. Talking about bilateral trade, he said that it needs to be further improved to reach its full potential.

Pakistan-Kuwait Joint Business Council (JBC) was also proposed by the PM. He added that there was potential for cooperation between Pakistan and Kuwait in the fields of agriculture, construction, poultry, livestock and fisheries. Mr. Nawaz also said that a panel of experts from the two countries should hold meetings to decide a plan of action.


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  • Good news, But no one tell why it was banned and always wondering about this..??..can anybody mentioned the reason behind this ban which was imposed from last 6 years .??..I

    • امیر کویت کی مری میں زمین پر ناجائز قبضہ کرلیا گیا تھا جو اب موجودہ حکومت نے واگزار کروا لیا ہے۔

  • There is still no offical news from Kuwait side, that they have lift the Banned. Only pakistani media is declaring the news, I live in Kuwait and we are still not getting the Visa.

    • News came on 8th and you wrote on 10th saying you are not still getting the visa. Did you apply between 8th and 10th for visa or this comment is to fill up the space only ;)

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