New Automatic 70cc Motorcycle Launched in Pakistan

The auto-sector in Pakistan is booming, especially with investments from renowned foreign companies such as Volkswagen, Volvo and more.

The motorcycle segment of the auto industry is also overseeing a spurt of investments. Given as how not everyone is capable of affording a car, motorbikes represents a more realistic option.

Just like how cars have moved towards achieving effectiveness and cost efficiency, motorbike manufacturers in Pakistan are also aiming to emulate that and expertise towards semi-automatic or completely automatic gearboxes, which are rarely found here.

Not long ago Superpower, introduced a clutchless/automatic scooter in Pakistan. However, it did not fare well at the time.

Now, Union Star is bringing the same technology to its recently launched 70cc bike. The technology is particularly useful for older people and female drivers, as it makes bikes very simple to operate.

Unlike normal bikes,  these automatic motor-bikes have no gearbox, kick and clutch. The 70cc bike utilizes a direct-drive technology for its operation.

According to numerous sources, the 4-transmission bike is packed with a single cylinder engine and can hold up to 9 liters of petrol.

The price of the bike has not exclusively been established but the sources also claim that it will cost around 45,000 rupees to own Union Star’s new 70cc automatic motorbike.

Automatic Bikes: The Good and the Bad

The advantage of the automatic bike is that it requires minimal effort to start and most people prefer that. Living in dense areas, it becomes a hassle to up and downshift in quick successions. Since there is no feedback required from the clutch, the bike runs as you give it throttle. Given this, it will be much easier to learn for new bikers.

However, the automatic bike might not achieve popularity because people tend not to leave their comfort zones and manual transmission is what they are accustomed to. Although the automatic bikes will be much easier to operate, they will still require a change in mindsets.

It is a proven fact that bikers prefer a simple bike such as Honda CG125. There are numerous reasons for it as every roadside mechanic understands the bike and more importantly, it’s fully assembled in Pakistan – adding an economic factor.

Another reason why people may pass over this newly introduced automatic vehicle is that will require specialized mechanics. Part replacement for automatic bikes are expected to be much higher since they aren’t assembled in Pakistan. On the other hand, since everything is automatic and there are slightly less moving parts, it removes the human factor to eventually improve the reliability of such parts which tend to break down because of inexperienced riders.

Pictures credit: PakWheels

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