6 Months On, Android Nougat Still Struggles to Grow

More than six months after its release, Android’s latest Nougat offering is finally getting much-needed traction in terms of its market share.
According to the latest figures released in March, Android Nougat captured 2.8% of the market. That doesn’t sound much but its more than double the 1.2% share it had in February.
The rise in market share is not a surprise, as most of the major Smartphone companies are moving on to Android Nougat from Marshmallow, including the Galaxy S7 duo as well as the Moto G4 line. With time, as the update rolls out to further phones, Nougat’s market share will only go up.

Marshmallow and Lollipop Not Dying Any Time Soon

It wouldn’t take the lead anytime soon though. For one, Nougat’s predecessor Marshmallow is also seeing more penetration in the market, currently standing at 31.3% from 30.7% last month. Android Lollipop, the “Windows 7” of the Android world, decreased in size slower than the growth of Nougat dropping to 32.5%, from 32.9%
Meanwhile, the older OS versions are dying but not quickly enough, with KitKat claiming 20.8% of the market and Jelly Bean standing at 10.6%. The OS versions which originally catapulted Android into the mainstream, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, stand at 1% each. Whether they refused to upgrade or are hipsters old school when it comes to smartphone OS’s is unclear.

Could Rise Further

Android Nougat was first released in August last year alongside the LG V20. Its next major release, version 7.1, was released alongside the Pixel duo of smartphones.
However, even by Android’s terrible rates of adoption, Nougat has been an abnormally-stubborn case. Things could only get worse once the next OS version releases, though, until then there is still some time to take some ground.

    • There is no such thing as Android 7.2, and it’s not a matter of market strength, it’s just that manufacturers are lazy and slow. Samsung is still taking forever to push out the 7.0 update to last year’s devices, LG only has the V20 running Nougat, HTC released it for the M9 and 10, but then recalled the update and delayed it and released it again in January. Even Sony had issues sending out the update to the Z3+/Z5 family of phones.

      Also, why does nobody get the spelling of Android right?
      From OLX ads, to people commenting on blog posts, everyone spells it ‘Andriod’ instead of Android. I mean, do you guys not read what you’re about to post before you post it, or do you honestly think that’s how it’s spelt? Genuinely curious.

  • Azeem Ullah this article you wrote suggests how you little you know about android and it’s eco system.

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  • Hahaha IOS 10 is already officially installed on 54% of devices…
    feel sorry for android users

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