Punjab Has Digitized Over 700 Police Stations

Police stations across 36 districts of Punjab have been successfully digitized due to the efforts of Punjab Information Technology Board. A total of 712 police stations were included.

The inauguration of the new digital system in Central Police Office Lahore was attended by Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef along with Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Shareef and IG Punjab.

Analog Record Keeping

Before the digitization, complaints and first investigation reports (FIRs) were handled on analog files and records. This made them hard to maintain (a fire would mean loss of valuable records for example), time consuming and tedious while also being prone to human errors.

Not to mention prone to corruption as they could be accessed by anyone.

New System Details

The automated system with Criminal Record Offices would remedy this problem. The reforms for the police stations include:

  • A computerized Complaint Management System
  • Reception Rooms handled by IT literate receptionists
  • Establishment of a Police Record Management System which will improve security and accessibility of the data in case of a problem.
  • A Criminal Record Management System which will keep records of the criminals’ biometrics, physical appearance and a record of previous crimes. A “rap sheet” in other words. This system is connected with Tenant Registration System and Hotel Eye which will allow guests and hotel customers to be identified if they have a criminal record.
  • An Operational Media Center which will be helping police monitor the law and order situation and to take action once a situation arises.
  • The IGP Monitoring Cell to watch over IT related activities of the Punjab Police
  • CCTV Camera monitoring of 5 cities under the Punjab Safe Cities Authority project
  • IGP Complaint Center 8787

PITB and the Punjab Police were appreciated on their efforts by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister Punjab. Mr. Nawaz said that the police should work to eliminate the negative image of the police and the “Thana” culture. He added that other provinces should also follow Punjab Police’s example for digitization and technological improvements.

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    • this is the first step to follow the cases, now the personnels will be scrutinize on filing of case till its decision, Insha Allah.

    • 1- Your FIR lodging request cant be denied.
      2- Online/By App, registration notification to requester.
      3- Criminal records can be searched in minutes.
      4- Criminal records can be searched across police station.
      5- Hotel check-ins reach immediately to Punjab police, who checked in and when/with whom.
      6- Bla bla bla…

      Punjab PITB is helping KPK and Sindh government in implementing this.

  • What is benefit of digital system of police stations. Is this system will decrease crime in our society? Is this system will give justice to the people. Is this system will stop corruption in Punjab? Is this system will stop terrorist in Punjab? (Nothing) (Nothing) (Nothing). Our Punjab is totally destroyed by Punjab Mafia which is depend on Chor Choudry’s, MNA, MPA & Corrupt Govt dept. If anybody see my message I request to pray Allah for Punjab.

    • We as a nation has a slavery mindset; a slave defies law imposed on him by the intruder. In this mindset we are forgetting that “goora” has gone 70 years back, this is our own country and our own law/constitution which if we do not follow (giving justification that others aren’t following) will result in chaos. By doing this we “show off” as being more influential and powerful (sadly).

      By this system (at least) we can expect that FIR registration requests will not be returned now, criminal records will be well maintained, crime reports will help tracing possible offenders in future, will help in investigation by having immediate access to previous records and so on.

      If now I go to a hotel with a bad intention and I am somehow in criminal list of police then my name will immediately pop up as checked into so and so hotel. Tenancy contracts will also become part of it soon and so criminals staying as tenants will also be easily traceable.

      In Europe/US and Middle East such records greatly help in criminal investigation and bringing criminals to justice.

  • pata nahi yeh makkar kis ke aggay jhuktay aur hath uthatay hain… mere samajh se baher haii…

  • Improve the condition of Police stations. Majority of police stations in cities and villages have got worst buildings. Uncemented floors, rooms like they were made 100 years ago. Also change the uniform of Police. Black shirt is not good for hot weather of Pakistan

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