Latest Ranking: Pakistani Passport is Still One of the Worst in the World

Pakistanis just can’t seem to catch a break, or at least the Pakistani passport that is.

In the Nomad Passport Index 2017 released this month, the Pakistani passport was ranked at 196 out of a total of 199 countries included in the index.

Why is the Nomad Passport Index by the Nomad Capitalist significant? Here’s why. The Nomad Capitalist has attracts a dedicated readership of more than three million unique visitors per year, and is increasingly seen as one of the most-visited websites on the topic of international diversification. Many investors frequent it for financial advice. Given its influence, the inclusion of the Pakistani passport in its index basically gives the impression that Pakistan isn’t an investor-friendly destination.

The Nomad Capitalist assists six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs to legally reduce their business and income taxes by relocating overseas, obtain residence permits and citizenships in other countries for diversification, and invest in fast-growing international markets to grow their wealth faster.

Here is how the Nomad Passport Index has ranked certain destinations based on their financial and investor-friendly credentials.

Top and Bottom 5 Passports

Here are the top 5 passports:

  1. Sweden, score 109
  2. Belgium, score 108
  3. Italy (tied), score 107.5
  4. Spain (tied), score 107.5
  5. Ireland, score 107

The bottom 5 countries starting from the lowest ranked:

  1. Afghanistan, score 20.5
  2. Iraq, score 23
  3. Eritea, score 23.5
  4. Pakistan, score 24.5
  5. Libya, score 25

Compared with neighboring countries, Pakistan ranks above Afghanistan only and is close to Iran (number 191, 27.5 score) somewhat. India and China fair better but aren’t ranked too high either. India is ranked at 160 with a score of 36 while China is ranked at 164 with a score of 35.

China may have received a lower ranking due to the lack of internet freedom in the country. While India also got a rank close to China, internet freedom alone doesn’t seem to justify their ranking.

Ranking Criteria and Sources

The passports were ranked for 199 countries according to 5 different criteria:

  • Visa-free travel – 50% of ranking
  • Taxation – 20% of ranking
  • Perception – 10% of ranking
  • Dual citizenship – 10% of ranking
  • Overall freedom – 10% of ranking

They did not cite their sources but mentioned that they included information from “more than a dozen sources”. Readers are however advised to take their passport index with a grain of salt as the data they have provided cannot be verified.

Disclaimer: While the information in this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge, ProPakistani does not guarantee the authenticity of the research conducted by Nomad Capitalist.

Via Nomad Capitalist

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  • please don’t comment otherthan password or passport. because there is nothing we can say abou it.. :D

  • Pls correct the Blog tile.
    It should be “Latest Ranking: Pakistani Passport is Still One of the Worst in the World”

  • Yaar sab ko pata hai iska dost, kyun bar bar bata kar dil jalate ho ke kitni izzat hoti hai humari jab hum travel karte hain apne Pakistani passport ke sath. But khair jo bhi hai apna hai, we are still PROUD TO BE PAKISTANI

  • mujhy pakistani matti say piar hay.. jisay jalna hay jaly.. woh hoty kon hein passport ko value deny waly.. un ki cow’s eye.
    jo azaadi.. jo muhabbat… jo ehsas pakistan mein reh ker hay.. woh pakistan say bahir nhi mery bhai.. to passport ko galy mein latka ker kia sabit kerna chahty hein … vote nahi dena tha PML_N ko!

      • so you are a programmer … but 301 or 3O1??? aik to hamary spelling aisy hi hoty hein keh passport ka password or 301 ka 3o1 … or tanqeed !!! ALLAH ALLAH…

        • Nope, an SEO specialist! LOL !! the buttons of 0, P, Backspace are not working correctly on my laptop – now used On-Screen to write this! Tomorrow I have to change the keyboard.

    • URL change hosakta hai dost aur uske baad redirection lagani paregi is old URL se new URL its pretty simple but baat yeh hai ke itna kaam kare kaun :-)

  • And the top 5 passports are of the countries which are either atheists and least religious. Now just think for a moment how can we be better off without religion. Religion is not compatible with science in this 21st century.

      • Yes you are right but sometimes I can’t be a hypocrite to tell the truth in any situation.

    • That one factor isn’t the only influencing variable. Those countries also promote sensible education, communal tolerance and scientific progress.

      Also, eliminating part or whole of a social idea is more difficult than molding it to right direction and that is what we need to do with religion.

    • I respect you following what your mind considers logical but please refrain from following the logic of others. If you had any knowledge in some of the more common religions of this world then you’d know how very compatible and flexible religion is with science, me as an engineer and someone who loves science am also religious and love the description of space or scientific references in the Quran. So please follow whatever your logic finds most acceptable but do research before you make statements, research of your OWN not research on someone elses summary of the research (read the books and see what your logic doesn’t accept, research on the thing that you find unacceptable and if you come to a conclusive answer then follow it, that is the BASIC of research)

      • yep if you read and research the Scientific references in Quran you will come to know they are compatible with each other ALas they never research before spurting non-sense
        But brother don’t argue with these people they will not come to an agreement with you because there hearts are shut with ignorance they have become WORLDLY beings

    • IF progress prosperity and happiness is synonymous to Atheism than why China is not at the top position which has the largest Non Religious population (75+% of the Total World Non Religious Population).But look at the majority of population in China they hardly have any type of savings and struggle to keep with their monthly needs and their passport is also not so valued.
      for your Information the Countries that are mentioned aren’t Atheist in Mahority
      Only 5-10% of the Population are Atheist in these countries 10-25% are 60+ % are Christians.And Spain and Italy are the most religious European countries Spain 85+ Christians .Non-Religiosity is present in Europe from a long time its not a new thing.
      Progress and Prosperity doesn’t depend on Science and Religion it depends on HARD-WORK,HONESTY and moral values of the population.There passports are TOP because there people are honest and hard-working which our religion taught us to do but is followed by them.Just like Caliph Omar(RA) law is being followed in Sweden which should have been followed in Muslim world.
      We are not progressing bcuz of Laziness, Corrupt Politicians and Masses which is against the teachings of Islam Lastly it is due to Western agenda and media which portrays our country negatively to the whole world. When western foreigners come to Pakistan they say it themselves that Pakistan is portrayed negatively in Media but in reality it is very different and they enjoyed visiting the country.I can say proudly that if we follow Islam whole heartidly We will progress just like Sweden and like in Islamic Golden Age Don’t blame a Religion for the wrong deeds of a person

  • Henley’s index is a much better indication of the visa privileges offered to passport holders for travel.

  • Oh gimme a break! Passport rankings stay the same for quite a long while Why would you report Index & rankings every month!! P.S. half of the country doesn’t even own one anyways.

  • Worst article I have read in many days.
    Please don’t believe a word in it.
    Carry your passport with pride.

  • Overall Freedom 100% hoti to Pakistan sab ko outclass kardeta. :D Hamare instititions, awaam sab khule hain… jo karna hai karlo. :D

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