Facebook to Send Delegation to Pakistan to Resolve Issue of Blasphemous Content

Facebook has agreed to resolve the matter of blasphemous content with Pakistani government and has agreed to send a delegation to discuss and resolve matters with Pakistani officials, confirmed a Ministry of Interior spokesperson moments ago.

A Ministry of Interior spokesperson said that the management of Facebook, in response to Pakistan’s request, has conveyed that it was aware of Pakistan’s reservations and wanted to resolve the issue through mutual consultation and dialogue.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has appointed a focal person to be in constant contact with the website’s administration.

Pakistani government had earlier resolved to solve the issue to blasphemous and objectionable content on social media websites in any possible manner.

Ch. Nisar, Interior Minister, in this regards had said that he will go to any extent to ensure that blasphemous content is completely removed from social media websites.

Facebook, while recognizing the gravity of the issue, has now apparently agreed to resolve the matter with Pakistani government.

When we asked Facebook about the development, their spokesperson denied to comment on meetings with the government.

    • Lol, ziada se ziada fb ka pak ver. aye ga,,, aur wo pages ya groups waisy hi mojod rahay gy, sirf pak awam ko nazar nahi aye gay, yani hide hon gay…. NS chahta hai k anti pmln pages, groups remove/hide hon pak awam se,,,, bas,,, baqi sub drama hai

      • Even getting a PK version (which is a distant dream) will (somehow) resolve the issue because of the fact that Pakistani law doesn’t allow abusing of religious entities. Posting of such material will not be allowed in FB (pk version).

        NS may play the religion card (for blocking Anti Noon pages) while sugar coating the ‘real’ cause.

        • Khair jo bhi hai, mein FB kay Pak ver. k haq mein nahi hoon,
          baqi chalo fb se to remove/hide ho gaye wo pages, but blog/sites ka kia ho ga, wo to waisy hi vpn/proxy se visit ki ja sakti hain…

          • I am not in ‘haq’ of PK version too (I don’t use Facebook). Blogs are not visited often by most of the ‘awaam’ of Pakistan.
            Facebook har dosra banda use kr rha hai.

    • Hamain Akherat main Allah ko kia jawab dena aik facebook ki khatir kion apna emaan kharab karein,Goverment please ban Facebook

      • Itna hee mazboot imaan hai tu use karna chor do. Shaitan tha aur akhrat tak rahay ga usko ban kar saktay ho ?

        • Anything which promotes the good should be appreciated. You did not get the comment right .

            • Abay idiot gemini liberal fascist world is getting sick of fascist like you please leave Earth. satan ke khod mein he baith ja jake.

      • Facebook lets you show Muslim viewpoint to hundreds of millions of non-Muslims. And you want to turn it off? Why, do you not want to spread Islam?

        You think in akherat you will not be asked about what you did to spread Islam? What will you say? “I helped stop spread of Islam”? You are given FREE access to hundreds of millions of people. What is your sawab for converting one of them to Islam? so why will you prevent Muslims from doing it?

        Facebook lets you show Pakistani viewpoint, also. Do you want 100% of stories about Pakistan shared on Facebook to come from Western sources or Indian sources? Or do you want to share Pakistani sources to counter their progaganda?

        • Only if people thought and looked from this perspective things would have been easy. We never want to face other people criticism. I don’t know what are we afraid of. Banning this service means that more people would indulge in creating blasphemous content just to annoy us. Next, we might even ban traveling because people may get exposed to foreign culture that is not online with Islam. No wonder we never advance.

      • Bhai ap ne aisa comment kar dia ke ab ye liberal terrorist pagal ho jaye ge. Ap ko pata nai ke ye liberal terrorist FB aur selfie ke baghair apni zindagi nai guzar sakhte hai ye dono cheezein necessary hain in liberal fascist liars ke liye.

  • I am sure in the end all they will agree to do is hide such content from Pakistani users. They won’t delete it. Does anyone really believe if someone in Berlin upoads blasphemy they will give IP & name to PTA?

    So people will continue to use Facebook for blasphemy but we will have no option to find out who is doing it nor will we be able to correct them by point out facts of Islam to counter their lies.

    • It all boils down to incompetency. They have nothing to work at so they come up with such tasks, like banning a platform or content. We do more harm when we block things in the name of blasphemy.

    • Stop seeking out blasphemous content, and they’ll stop creating it. Simple demand and supply.

      • No, it will always be with us. I do not know if there was a single year between date of Hijrah and today when someone somewhere did not curse Islam or the Last Messenger.

    • You think people running those blasphemous pages needs guidance?
      They were openly insulting the Quran, it’s verses and the creator himself (Naozobillah).

      • You think the pagans of Makkah 1400 years ago were not anti-Islam? And how were they converted? Not all of them were killed. Many of them converted before Makkah was captured by our Prophet and his army. What do you think convinced them to turn to Islam if it was not the sword?

        • The ‘ikhlaaq’ of prophet SAWW wins the heart of the people but he IS Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen. Don’t expect any human being’s kindness and love to be anywhere near his love for people. He HAS the right to forgive anyone who disrespected him.
          There are a number of times we were told by Allah SWT and the prophet SAWW himself that we have to love prophet SAWW more than anything else.

          Why you guys never quote that when a war is needed the prophet SAWW did it? (not inciting anyone to harm those people who are doing blasphemy)

          What do you propose for those people who did (/are doing) blasphemy? They should be left alone to post even more abusing stuff? Don’t you think they should be tried in court (fair trial)?

          • You ask: Why you guys never quote that when a war is needed the prophet SAWW did it?

            Let me give you a simple answer. In recent years, when has a war been needed & who against? Let me list a few recent conflicts and you tell me.

            Chechnya had war of independence But if you look closely, the people who wanted independence from Russia in first war were actually crooks. Even if they used Islam as their flag to get supporters. It was very common for Chechnya people to kidnap other people and hold them for ransom. Famous for that all in 1990s. Two big examples, next to Chechnya in Russia is Ingushetia. Chechnyans went there in September 2004 and kidnapped hundreds of civilians. It ended up in a disaster when Russian forces attacked to take it back. Chechnyans also held a huge theater in Moscow, wired it up with explosives. Russians used some sleeping gas to take it back. War worth supporting or no?

            Another example, Kosovo. We are all told about how Serbs wanted to ethnicly cleanse Albanian Muslims in Kosovo and perhaps that is true. But what is also true is that Kosovo is a major traffic point for heroin smuggling into Europe. And under Kosovo are the largest deposits of coal in all of Europe. And guess who gets to rule Kosovo after they are separed from Serbia? Yep, Kosovo Liberation Army who are gangsters. War worth supporting or no?

            In our part of the world we have the famous Afghan mujahideen from 1970s to 1980s. Yet two things to note here. 1: mujahideen were against their own government even before Soviets invaded. Why? Because among other things, Afghan government wanted to educate women. I am not kidding about this. There was opposition to Afghan government even in the early 1970s, at least five years before invasion. 2: we all know what Afghan fighters were like after Soviet withdrawl. They killed each other, butchered and raped all over the country. And for what? To get into heaven? or to make money and get power? We should also ask how many got rich from heroin trade because it is very obvious that SOME mujahideen leaders got rich somehow even when whole of Afghanistan was at war.

            And then of course after all that the Taliban came. Still worth supporting?

            People often ask about Kashmir. But Kashmir is not about Islam. It is solely about land, and access to waters of rivers in this part of the world. Whoever controls the waters controls the fate of India and Pakistan. Of course we should support Kashmir when they are oppressed because of their religion. But THEY ARE OPPRESSED NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGION. In fact, go look at wikipedia page for Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and read the names of the elected officials. If Kashmiris were oppressed because of Islam, why are 75% of the names on the list Muslims? Are they fake Muslims?

            Same situation with Palestian/Israel: it is not about religion, even though most Israelis are Jews (16% of Israel is Arab and many of them Muslim). It is about land. Palestinians are not oppressed because of their religion. You can even find Christian Palestinians making that point in public: they say Israeli bullets don’t care who they kill, Muslim or Palestinian. Israeli policies don’t care who they put under martial law or cerfuw, they do it to everyone equally.

            You ask What do you propose for those people who did (/are doing) blasphemy? I already replied to this question by KMQ. I said they deserve punishment as per Pakistani law.

            But the problem is, the people doing the blasphemy on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Flickr or Imgur or Reddit or thousands of sites out there are NOT EVEN LOCATED IN PAKISTAN. So how do you plan to take them to court?

            • You (like all those wannabe burgers/liberals) ignored this:

              The ‘ikhlaaq’ of prophet SAWW wins the heart of the people but he IS Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen. Don’t expect any human being’s kindness and love to be anywhere near his love for people. He HAS the right to forgive anyone who disrespected him.

              You wrote hundreds of words but unable to answer my simple question “Why you guys never quote that when a war is needed the prophet SAWW did it? (not inciting anyone to harm those people who are doing blasphemy)”
              I was NOT talking about some war between A & B country. I was talking about the fact that you guys always used to write/play ‘Prophet SAWW forgive his enemies so we should forgive all of them too’.

              It’s NOT my responsibility to take those Aholes to the court. The max I can do it open up a case or write a petition. It’s states responsibility to make sure that those Aholes will follow the law and they’ll ‘grace the court with their presence’.

              You want everyone to be tried under Pakistani law (even those who are beyond the law of Pakistan) or no one.
              Seems like another way of saying ‘do NOT harm the people abusing (Naozobillah) the creator and his messenger (SAWW)’.

              Your reply (on a number of occasions in different threads) doesn’t make any sense. It simply shows that you don’t want those Aholes to get any type of punishment from the court.

              My replies doesn’t show any aggression NOR I am with those who are proposing action against those Aholes but I WANT THEM TO BE TRIED IN THE COURT AND GET PUNISHMENT ACCORDING TO THE LAW.

              • Please do not ever put words in my mouth. As far as blasphemy if you search my comments on disqus I clearly without any reservation said

                If they are proven guilty in Pakistan, then YES the capital punishment (death) is valid.

                How can I be more clearer than that? Tell me?

                  • I have not defended anyone who has proven to be a blasphemer or apostate. What are you talking about? I think you are not reading my comments with an unprejudiced mind. Please read what I write not what you think I mean but the words I write themselves. There is no special hidden meaning to confuse to troll you in this matter of blasphemy.

                    • How one can proven guilty when intellectual people like you are against arresting them? You don’t even want them to appear before a court then how come we know that ‘x person’ is guilty?

                      You’re better at reading comments with prejudiced mind while trying to prove that you know everything (a number of users of ProPak know that) so I leave that award/crown/medal to you.

                    • Where have I said they should not be arrested? Where have I said they should not be brought before courts by police?

                      Again, please point to my words.

              • You say: My replies doesn’t show any aggression NOR I am with those who are proposing action against those Ahole

                But actually that is not true. The implication here is ANYTIME the police or some complaint say someone committed blasphemy, they should be taken to court and punished. You are against them even before there is evidence of guilt even if you don’t actually do anything personally.

                • Like (always) you picked up a part of the message and ignored the rest.
                  I ALWAYS said that they should be tried only after they’re proven guilty. I am NOT with those people who want ‘alleged people’ to hurt/kill just because they heard from someone that they did blashphemy.

      • If you think they are misguided then they need guidance. They have left Islam for a reason.

        • Yeah and that reason is this world. They are after materialistic things which they can easily get by bad mouthing Islam.

          • No one is bad mouthing Islam, it’s the actions of Muslims only which are causing a huge damage to both Islam and Muslims. Blaiming non Muslims for your your current bad condition cannot prove your innocence. Actions speak louder than words.

        • They are doing this on purpose with the help and support of a number of people.
          They are hiding behind ‘fancy’ names means they don’t want any guidance.

      • +1 they are doing this on purpose dear. Even ALLAH said in QURAN that jews change the meaning of Torah intentionally on purpose knowing very well what they are doing. Most of these blasphemous are funded by CIA front NGOs.

  • Why ban the service when you can use the same service to create awareness and spread peace and love. Every time we ban these platforms on the basis of blasphemous content, it only gives more room to the people to indulge and create more blasphemous content. When someone bashes other religion or draws photos of other people that are inciting hate, sexual attack etc Muslims tend to laugh and make fun but when Islam is attacked we just simply go all hulk on the world. This method will not solve any of this. Face these blasphemous content, educate the people, and show what Islam truly is. If this continues, Pakistan will only become laughingstock in the world, while everyone moves forward, we move backwards. Constructive criticism will have more weight than just banning everything.

  • From the last two days, i found users a bit frustrated. Bat kia ho rahi hoti hai aur comments main political issues discuss ho rahe hote hen. Initiatives towards good deeds should be appreciated atleast and dont be act like a judge.

  • Initially every thought is a small initiative in social media. We create the big bang out of it by reacting to this high intensity. For Allah’s sake, leave them as they are. We are to suffer one way or the other. Move on, patience is the key here. It’s between them and Allah.

    • pehlay yeh banda apni party ki corruption band kerwaye, corruption kerna bhi toheen e Rasalat PBUH hai

  • I’m glad Facebook threw a bone to Pakistani government. Now they can show Pakistanis off that they’re doing something about it to calm this emotional nation down. Nothing is going to be deleted though.

      • Why would we celebrate the stupidity of the masses that are confused and redirected to useless purposes by politicians who want to stay in power?

        • Abusing of (Naozobillah) the creator and his messenger (SAWW) is a drama staged by politicians to stay in power?

          You disappointed me, I always thought you’re a sane person with some ‘logic’.

          • It definitely IS a drama as you can see from the recent comments about 85% blasphemy removed. Do you believe the figure? If so, tell me how did they come up with that figure?

            Any time a Muslim kills people, lots and lots of people post blasphemous comments. It happened most recently after Westminster attack. It happens ALL THE TIME.

            Do you honestly believe 85% of such content is now deleted?

            So if you don’t believe the figure, what is the real reason for putting forward the figure?

          • And believe me, no one will benefit more from blocking social media sites than government. You only need to see how governments acted in Middle East countries in recent years. Even Turkey.

            Any platform that gives citizens unfiltered and uncensored access to information AND allows them to share stories of abusive government practices WILL result in government leaning on such platforms to find some way ANY WAY to block them.

            Put another way: if there was a Pakistani Facebook or Twitter, how certain would you be to support opposition politicians on it right before an election? Would you openly criticise bureaucrats or judges or police for corruption? Tell me, why do you think National Assembly passed cyber security law and added clause to protect POLITICIANS and ONLY POLITICIANS from online abuse? Why did N League recently say they will file cases against PTI under cyber security law?

            It’s all a theoretical question, anyway. There is no way for any local social network to be large enough for people to use. Government will always put hurdles in front of it.

            • Finally, a sane and logical comment :)
              I know that the govt will use it for it’s own benefits but there are other parties too. They can sit and put forward a bill where no one will be allowed to blocker oppositions’ link/info/website/you-name-it.

  • This isn’t freedom of speech at all. If someone talks against your religion , you get in trouble with the government and in worst cases get abducted. My sympathies for the people doing this in the country , they should know that Pakistan is intolerant of any negative arguments against Islam. So much for freedom of speech.

    • The meaning of “Freedom of speech” isn’t to make fun of others. Let suppose, if someone makes fun of your mother and sister is that OK for you??

      • He wasn’t making fun , he was criticizing it and if someone makes fun of my mother and sister I’d simply ignore them and block them instead of retaliating like an idiot over it. Whatever that person says , doesn’t affect any of our lives in anyway.

    • Go and talk about Holocaust in ‘those’ countries and come back with ‘freedom of speech’ logic.
      Freedom of speech doesn’t allow you to abuse religions or people and those Aholes are openly abusing all Islamic things.

  • close