PIA’s CEO Has Been Placed on Exit Control List

Media reports have started coming in stating that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) CEO’s name has put in the Exit Control List (ECL). Sources have confirmed that Bernd Hildenbrand’s name is indeed on the list.

According to the reports, a notification to place the name of PIA’s German CEO in the ECL was issued by the Deputy Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Admin Lahore, Khawaja Hammadur Rehman on Wednesday.

A copy of the notification has been posted across all major airports of Pakistan. The notification mentions that Bernd Hildenbrand should not be allowed to depart from the country.

Sources suggest that an inquiry against Hildenbrand is underway for purchasing aircraft at ridiculously high prices from a Sir Lankan airline recently.

It is alleged that PIA has lost millions of dollars as a result of the recent deal with Sri Lankan airlines and the prices were not regulated.

Mr. Hildenbrand is the Acting CEO of PIA since May 2016. Previously, there were reports of inquiries against the airline and its management for leasing a PIA aircraft for the production of a controversial movie in Israel and selling an airplane for a shockingly small price to a German/European organization.

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In a separate news, PIA also has plans to induct six new aircrafts on dry lease for a period of 6 to 12 years for both international and domestic flights. Two of those are wide body aircrafts while the other four are narrow body airplanes. The new air crafts will be included in flight operations by May or June this year, Other than that, PIA was also in the process to acquire eight fuel efficient 787 Dreamliners around the first half of this year.

Since the inquiry is yet to begin, it is yet to be seen what will become of these proposed PIA plans and whether these plans would be delayed in case any of the allegations are proven to be correct.

via Geo / The News

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