Pakistan to Phase Out 2-Year BA, BSc, MA, MSc Degrees: HEC

Higher Education Commission (HEC) today announced that Pakistan will be phasing out 2-year BA/BSc and 2-year MA/MSc programmes from academic years 2018 and 2020, respectively.

HEC, in a circular sent to all universities across Pakistan, a copy of which is pasted below, said that decision was made after thorough deliberation and that no university will offer 2 years-duration degree for BA, BSc, MA and MSc.

HEC said that a committee of experts from different universities, constituted by HEC, has devised a mechanism to accommodate existing BA/BSc students into 4-year BS programmes.

After analyzing BA/BSc progrmmes of different universities, the Committee proposed a bridging semester as a foundation for such students to enter fifth semester of a 4-year programme, after which they can complete remaining four semesters in years to attain BS degree.

However, if a student opts to exit after two years, he/she will be awarded a two-year Associate Degree.

Moreover, there will be no admission in BA, BSc programmes after 2018 and MA, MSc programmes after academic year 2020.

In this regard, a notification has been issued to all the concerned institutions so that the students are not affected by any sudden move, and universities and colleges gradually adapt to the new scheme of studies.

HEC said that move was made primarily due to the fact that most of universities in Pakistan offer 4-year BS and BSc (Hons) programmes, involving 16 years of education. However, others offer BA, BSc degrees involving 14 years of education.

Similarly there are some universities offering MS/M.Phil and MSc (Hons) with eighteen years of education, while others offer MA, MSc with 16 years of education.

HEC said that to avoid any confusion among employers, national, international organizations and community as well, HEC decided to streamline the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

HEC said that matter was taken up in a meeting of the “commission” and was approved as a policy.

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            • or, in case your prefer the anglicized version(i appreciate that courtesy, btw)…
              vahee kya karate ho? shaayad aap yah nahin samajhate ki aap kisake saath bol rahe hain …pardon me, but my translator just woke up…

      • فضا گیلانی بات اتنی سی ہے کہ اب سے گریجوایشن 2 سال کی بجائے 4 سال میں ہوگا ۔
        تمام دو سالہ پروگرام ختم کر دیئے گئے ہیں ۔

        • o bhai theek tarah elaborate kar 2 year program for BA 2018 kah baad khatam hoga ur MA MSC kah 2020 kah baad

          • matlab aik baat mujhe abhia dmission lena ho agar graduation mein to kiya me 2 years me ly sakta hun?
            (Just example)

  • So the benchmark of quality is still the duration of a degree programme? Even if most of the degree content is wayy outdated and trash?
    When are we going to grow up? Dunya k sath chalnay ki baat kartay hain, aur soch dekho.

  • ہم نے اپنے تعلیمی معیار کو اس قدر گرا لیا لیاہے کہ اب دوسروں ملکوں کے 16 کےایم اے والے ہمارے 18 والے ایم اے کے برابر اور 15 سال والے بی اے آنر والے ہمارے 16سال کے بی اس کے برابر ہو گے واوا۔واوا۔۔ اچ ای سی والے پہلے یہ تو سوچ لو ۔ کے 16 سال والوں کے لیے سٹاف قدر سے اہے گا۔۔
    ایم اے والا بی ایس کو تعلیم دے گا۔۔۔ تعلیم کا معیار حد سوچ لے۔۔

  • Well,
    Will HEC confirm the job opportunities after 4 years degree program, this is the era have to come up early in the market to be get skilled.

  • But now what will happen to us who are doing bsc 2 years? Agy Masters bhi ker lein to Jobs k liye to BS(Hons) walon ko hi prefer kiya jae ga na??

    • You will have a chance to study Bridge Semester which will act as 5th Semester, so in other words, it will be BS Hons.

  • Other than streamlining the names of the degrees as mentioned in the HEC letter what will be the advantage to students?
    Duration to barha di but Job kahan say aayegi?
    Agar 10 saal ka BA kar lain tab bhe kia Jobs easily mil jaingi?

  • PaKistan mae education job ke lie nhi balke bacho apni field ke related business ki training ki zaroorat hai…PAta nhi in ko entrepreneurship ke samaj kyn nhi ati.

  • I really appreciate the HEC initiative to phase out 2 year BA, BSc, BCOM, MA, MSc, MCOM. I am still surprise Why HEC could not implemented the decision after the introduction of BS Program in 2003-4.
    Why the hell 2 higher education system is running side by side where universities of elites follow something else and universities of common people follow another stream.

    Please note that Bachelor is 16 Years and Master ( with title of MS / MPhil / MSc / MA ) is 18 years. In Pakistan, LUMS, IBA Karachi, NUST, Bahria, AIR, FAST practice this American style higher education system.

    For Example. LUMS MSc Economics is 18 years and Punjab University MSc Economics is 16 year… Both have same titles but different year of studied. Which lead to confusion to employer / higher education institution / immigration. Think the case when such people apply for Public Service Exams ( Provincial / Federal ), Armed Forces, BS-17 or higher jobs, there is lot of confusion in Public sector what is Bachelor and What is master ? For these entities, bachelor is 14, master is 16 while master and MPhil are different degrees.

    Master & MPhil are same degree. MPhil is Research Master degree while Simple MSc can be taught Master program.

    2 year BA / BSc / BCOM is actually Associate Bachelor Degree – Annual System NOT recognized by internationally for higher education / employment / immigration purpose aboard.

    To compensate 2 years degree holder, HEC introduced 14 years Associate Bachelor Degree in Semester System in 2012-13. So that student with Associate degree can earn experience from job market and come back to 4 year BS program to same or another university’s 5th semester to earn his international level bachelor degree.

    So, Finally Bachelor is 16 and Master is 18 years :) Thank you Dr. Mukhtar to bring Pakistan on 1 page!!!

    • but sir idhar kahe b bcom kaa zikar ee nhee notice m to ap kse kh skte k bcom b khtaaaam..
      or sir 2017 m to bcom kaa admisson ly skte naa

  • Agar koi student 2017 main bsc main admission leyta hai to keya wo MSc ke leyae apply kar sakta hai

  • Zaydti hy …Villgers jo private B.a kr k Job kr lyte hy ab ye BS kahan sy krain age oper sy age factor yaaa tuh har govt department me age limits b bharin jain ,,, Police Constable ki age 25 sy 30 ki jae educators ki 40 ki age CSS competation exam ki age bhi 35 ki jae,,,
    BS wow its v good but janab un backwards area k logo ka b kuch khayal karin har bar citizen ko samny rakh k mat sochain

  • Mian Sahib agr 2 sala program khatam kia hy tuh har departments ki age limits b bhara dain

  • ہر سٹوڈینٹ یونیورسٹی کے اخراجات پرداشت نہیں کر سکتا۔آپ سے درخواست ہے کہ دو سالہ پروگرامز Bsc/B.A کو ختم نہ کیا جاۓ۔

  • New educational policy that is introduced in the country does not seem to fulfill the need of learners and earnest seekers of higher education in different faculties. It seems that those passing the college years again plunge into a long session of school life. Lastly, those students who used to pass their intermediate session did select two optional subjects for graduation BA/BSc and then master in either subject or many other subjects in two years. Now Masters degree policy I-e MA/MSc has been revised and BS degree for four years in its stead is made the degree equivalent to mastery. A continuous four years study just as the school period will make one attain his mastery on a particular subject and this four years term will make a loss to one in some aspects;
    1_ One will not be able to be graduate in early 20s and young boys will no more sit in commission exams and they will sit in contest when they turn into men.
    2_ One doing BS will be exhausted to make any mastery in different subjects and this process will take his life remaining a pupil.
    3_ For four years University life will become like a junior school life and there will be no mid term degree.
    4_ The fees of admission and semesters have become so high and courses so costly that a common citizen can not afford it.
    5_ 5th class degree or primary degree has also been introduced which has no significance and it is also a burden on both the minor students and the boards.

    • agree with u thats mean kaay 12 year besic education phar 4 year BA/BSc Phar 4 Year MA/Msc ur advance study be 4 to 6 Year approx 36 year taak study hee study

  • hello any one can please tell me k kya wo bchy jo ab pass out huy hn f.a fsc sy kya woo a b apply kr skty hn ya ni ??

  • But this is unfortunate jo log uni fees afford nhee kar saktay yaa phr meri tara private study kar k exam dayna chahtay hay unke lye to sab rastay band hogaye. Lagta hay ghareeb ka khwab khwab reh gaya.

  • If a student does his FA in 2017, will he be able to appear in BA exam in 2019 as a private candidate? Please answer if anyone has information.

  • If we don’t want to be promoted to BS 5th semester and instead receive two years associate degree would we be able to get admission in Msc?

  • ye kya bat hui ye bhut galat dessicion lia hai BS beshak ho but sath me BA BSC ni khtm krna chye thts not fair jo log regular afford ni kar skty wo kya karain gay ye taleem ko aam kar rhy hain ya khtm kar thy hain

  • If once who did 2 years B.A and wants to take admission for MBA program then ….what should be the process ??

  • WTH! Balkay 4 years programs khatam kr k sab ko 2 years krdena chahiye tha, Parrhaie to wese b hoti nahi hai, 2 saal ki study ko khench kr 4 saal laga dete hn, study per focus kiya jae, students ka time aur pese bachanay chahiye, lekin tum ne to apni dukaanein aur chamkaa li hn.

  • Anyone please reply, AFTER 2018 and 2020 ka mtlb!!? BsC ky liye abhi apply karsek thay hain.. agar abee shuru hojaye aur 2020 mai khatam,? Same with MsC.?? Agar 2020 mai shuru and 2022 mai khatam

  • kia bakwas change ha is sa kia hona ha konsi improvement ani ha bs bachu ko tang krna wali bat ha

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