Windows & Xbox Gamers to Get A Voice-to-Text Feature

Ever yelled at your partner in a game when they aren’t doing what they are told? Well, now you can make sure that if they didn’t hear you, they can at least read what you said in text form. Microsoft is introducing a new feature that will let you convert your in-game voice chat communication to text, or vice versa.

Microsoft may not have had the same level of success with its Xbox One as Sony has had with its PS4, but the software giant isn’t going down without a fight. The company has continued dispatching update after update, trying to win back some fans.

The feature will be greatly appreciated by gamers who have hearing or speaking issues. PC and Xbox cross-platform gamers will also be feel great to hear about the new feature.

Their latest update, which is now in the rollout phase, is about game chat transcription feature. It will be available on your Xbox One as well as Windows 10 very soon. The only catch is that it will need to be enabled by every game’s developer and for now, the only game that can make advantage of it is Halo Wars 2. We still have to see how good Microsoft’s transcription is, fortunately, its not a long wait anymore.

How to enable voice chat transcription?

  1. Go to Settings > All settings > Ease of Access > Game Chat Transcription.
  2. To transcribe other players’ voices into text, select Speech-to-text.
  3. To have your chat text read aloud to other players, select Text-to-speech.
  4. To choose the voice that other players will hear when your chat text is read aloud, select one of the available voices in the Text-to-speech voice menu.

Image— DorkShelf

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