Infinix Reveals World’s 1st Wefie Smartphone Amongst Fans

Infinix is a known brand in Pakistani market among group of young, stylish consumers, who want good specs at an affordable price.

Everyone was surprised today when Infinix revealed its S2 smartphone, and company claims its world’s 1st ever Wefie Smartphone. Infinix S2 was launched at a fans meet up in Lahore

Another first from infinix where fans came for a fun filled evening with Infinix officials at a popular restaurant in the capital city of Punjab, Pakistan. Fans got to know about latest company news and face to face discussions with company officials regarding existing and upcoming models.

Infinix S2 features dual front cameras and the Smartphone industry’s first ever application of an ultra-wide angle for the front cameras, leading selfie taking into a new era of Wefie.

Wefie taken by Infinix S2 will make you and friends look more attractive due to wide-angle front camera technology. It will open up the door to a new era of intelligent social networking and allow you to share memories within your group of friends.

Infinix S2 with dual front cameras and an ultra-wide angle which will not only raise the bar for front camera technology in smart phones but also force social networking applications to make them compatible with this latest technology.

This is great news for everyone who is planning to buy a new Smartphone. However its price and complete specs are to be revealed soon. What do u guys think would be the specs of this new device?

  • ZAB

    Infinix rocks, wahab socks!

    • Yasir Hashmi

      Haha..Socks! is it in Tamil?

  • Another Joke from Infinix

  • Waqas Rehmani

    I love Infinix.
    Infinix always make us happy with the unbelievable gadgets with very economical rates as well as market competitive Specifications.
    I love Infinix phones.

    • Faheem Ahmed

      but no software updates

      • Taha Najam

        I’ve had three software updates since I got my Note 2 a year ago so no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Faheem Ahmed

          but no big updates….like xiaomi and other nexus phones

          • Taha Najam

            Updating from lollipop to marshmallow is pretty big IMO. There’s also a nougat build under testing for the note 2.

            Speaking of xiaomi, they’re pretty bad with updates. Even their flagships from last year are still stuck on marshmallow.

  • Shahzad Ahmad

    #Love #Infinix
    #Proud #Infinixian

  • Ahmad

    pakistani dth kab aye ga…?

    • Smokingaces

      agly 6 saal k liye to bhool jao bhai, may be 2023 l elections k baad

    • Abdul basith Mirrayes

      kia kurna he dth ka, ptcl smart tv hena.

      • Ahmad

        PTCL Smart TV mahanga hai, Line Rent withholding tax alag, aur koi 1080p/i Channels bhi nahi hain, saray sd hain

        • Abdul basith Mirrayes

          Ok thanks for this information.

    • Abdul basith Mirrayes
  • Infinix to Infinix hai : Best reveange for XIAOMI !

    • Muhammad Faheem

      i have used both and xiaomi is way better than this crappy infinix

      • Taha Najam

        Lol. No it’s not.

  • Faheem Ahmed

    infinix…dont provide software updates as xiaomi or nexus do

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    Infinix S2 with dual front cameras and an ultra-wide angle which will not only raise the bar for front camera technology in smart phones

    BC patent kra lain…..

    • Muhammad Yasir

      hahah !

    • Taha Najam

      Just marketing fluff. They’re not really the first ones.

  • Hassan Raza

    Don’t mind ab qualcomm k processor mily gay to mtk par kon jaye ga … Xiaomi <3

  • Muhammad Yasir


  • Pakalu Papito

    So its like what my LG V10 has been doing for over a year now lol.

  • Abdullah Sultan

    Xiaomi a gaya ha ab to QMobile Infinix Samsung ki a j c series aur huwawei wagaira gaye kam sa

  • Abdul basith Mirrayes

    What i like about infinix is its amazing battery life, 4000Mah, thats wonderful.

  • Sarmad Hassan

    I m an Infixian ! Best !