Official: Intel Has Closed its Offices in Pakistan

Intel Corporation has shut down its offices in Pakistan recently as part of its global business strategy to focus on lucrative markets while cutting costs from different countries, sources have confirmed with ProPakistani.

The shift in strategy includes focusing on the business of Cloud Computing more than hardware solutions, said one of the business partners. The same strategy has been reportedly adopted in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well.

The head office in Karachi has been closed down recently along with other representative offices in different cities. Besides, the majority of the staff members were laid off except selected employees who have been shifted to offices based in different regional countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

Among the prominent faces include Naveed Siraj, its former country manager. He quit the company to join Dell EMC as its country manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The company’s marketing manager Asma Aziz was shifted to Singapore office recently.

According to the industry people, Intel Corporation, the largest processor maker of the world, has retained its operations in Pakistan through channel business partners and different vendors; however its operations are being directed from its regional office based in Malaysia.

The American multinational corporation has maintained a significant share in the business of desktop computers and laptops, said a vendor.

The exit of the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker comes at a time when the economy of Pakistan is moving towards stability and sustainable growth, opening lucrative venues of opportunities— and it’s certainly not a good sign.

But the good news is its foundation is still working in Pakistan for different projects related to Intel International Science and Emerging Fair. Hence, Pakistan students will have a participatory platform to display their talent in the field of science and technology.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistani students of different cities won accolades multiple times at such fairs through the foundation of Intel Corporation in the past.

  • Majority of consumers buy used or smuggled PCs in these countries. Maybe this is the reason why Intel wasn’t getting enough direct profit from these countries.

    • Intel tried this theory and it doesn’t stand. If a PC is smuggled the only loser is the Pakistan government and with duties at near Zero Im not sure even them. The smuggled pcs already had Intel chips so Intel profited anyway.

      • Thats why I said ‘direct profit’. They don’t need local office for these indirect profits.

  • Intel closed down its offices in Pakistan in order to focus the business of Cloud Computing more than hardware solutions…

  • i don’t get it .. why quit now ?! things were getting better … DAMMIT !

    also , this should MOST DEFINITELY pave way for Ryzen and co. to think about capitalizing here. Intel has basically left a vacuum and AMD is in PRIME position to take on the mantle and have a second go at proving themselves !

    #AMDPLZ !

    • They have only closed their office, doesn’t mean they have ceased to exist in this market. AMD can definitely try to enter, and will definitely have some success, if they provide official support.

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