Pakistan Day Parade Rehearsals: Traffic Plan Issued for Islamabad-Rawalpindi

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has issued the following plan for the Pakistan day Parade on March 23, 2017. The plan has been formulated so that residents are better informed of the traffic situation in the city and avoid certain routes that can end up wasting their time and money.

If you are a resident of the twin cities, you can take a look at the traffic plan that will be in effect for the next few days, keeping in mind the security needs of an official event that is expected to be attended by local and foreign leaders alike.

Here are the ITP’s proposed directions:

  1. Heavy traffic entry in Islamabad will be prohibited on March 19, 21, and 23, from 12 at night to 2 in the afternoon.
  2. The traffic coming from Lahore will have access to Peshawar GT Road and Motorway via Rawat t-cross onto Saddar Road Rawalpindi.
  3. Traffic coming from Airport and Rawalpindi can use Expressway to get onto Khanna Pul, to Lehtrar Road, to Tramri Chowk, to Park Road, to Rawal Dam Chowk, to Murree Road, to get to the G sectors of Islamabad and access Kashmir Highway. Bhara Kahu and Murree can also be reached via Kashmir Chowk.
  4. Traffic heading towards Islamabad Airport and Lahore shall use 9th Avenue, head onto Murree Road Rawalpindi, then use Rawal Road to turn right onto Airport Chowk.
  5. Traffic coming from the motorway will be able to access Aabpara, Bhara Kahu, and Murree via Kashmir Highway.
  6. Faizabad shall remain closed for all traffic.
  7. Portion of the Expressway from Khanna Pul to Faizabad shall remain closed (except for people having prior written permission).
  8. Portion of Faisal Avenue from Zero Point to Faizabad shall remain closed (except for people having prior written permission).
  9. Portion of Murree Road from Rawal Dam Chowk to Faizabad shall remain closed (except for people having prior written permission).

Picture credit: Pakistan Today

    • Please enlighten me how will people suffer? Pakistan Day is a public holiday in Pakistan which means offices and universities will be closed. There will be moderate traffic on the road and to accommodate this alternative routes are already there.

      • Bro, there are lot of ppl except office job holders & students…… what about labor, worker, shopkeepers, factory or go-downs…..
        if you wanna see, go to starting points of these blocking sites and observe yourselve.
        if its for one day, OK can be bareable, but its for 3 alternate days….. thanks to security issues.

  • PTV walo k ch**tiya camera sa ghanta nazar aata hai….. BC 1965 ki yaad taza kra detay

    • @Propakistani admin. You need to block this fake ID as well. You have blocked Abdul Wahab but you are unable to see this FAKE ID

  • Laanat ho. They should do this pointless khel tamasha in front of Secretariat in Blue Area, not major thoroughfares which will inconvenience us ‘Bloody Civilians’.

    • Actually they should do it in there cant area. We civilians dont want to watch this topi drama

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