Khudhkush Deals: 24HoursPK Brings Over 1500 Products for Rs. 23

Khudh-Kush is a word that has inflicted deep wounds in the heart of every Pakistani since its very first use. Though it has many meanings and multiple facets with respect to history, when it comes to Pakistan, it always ends up resonating terror and mass destruction.

Recent incidents have made the word itself a huge terror. Revisiting childhood, we find that many approaches were taken to strike terror into the hearts of children to ensure they hit the hay at the appropriate time. However when it comes to adults, things aren’t that easy but somehow the word ‘Khudh-Kush’ never fails to raise an eyebrow and guarantees fear each time. And when talking about Pakistan this word has taken a permanent position in the vocabulary for yellow journalism.

With all this already, penned in the pages of history with red ink, taking up #KhudhKush as part of a campaign in these uncertain times was not an easy decision, said a statement issued by an e-commerce store that is calling its Pakistan Day deals as Khudkush Deal. “And yet, we maintain, true its form, destruction and devastation, we have taken this opportunity to redefine this destruction with all the positivity and good vibes possible”, read the statement.

This Pakistan Day – 2017, 24HOURS.PK is offering some of the greatest deals in the history of eCommerce in Pakistan, company claimed.

The brand brings to you a unique deal concept with the tag: #KhudhKushDeals, deals where consumers enjoy up to 98% off on a special selection of products – promising 100% value to customers and garner only love, and gratitude for the brand itself.

Over 1500+ products have been self-sacrificed by the brand with every product priced precisely at Rs. 23 Only.

Products including a Card Mobile Holders, VR Boxes, Space Powerbanks, Smartwatches, Men’s Trimmers, Hair Dryers, Hair Straightener & Curlers, Tool Kits, Wallets, Earphones, and many, many more. Not only this – the brand is also sacrificing the concerned delivery cost. It states that the products would not only be priced at Rs. 23/- only but will also be delivered ‘Free of Cost (FOC)’ where no hidden charges will be applicable.

How to Avail Deals:

  • The deals would start to go live on 23rd of March at 02:00 PM sharp and will end at 12:00 AM midnight
  • Every 1 hour, 3 deals would open with an interval of 20 minutes
  • Get and grab the deal, every 20 minutes
  • Deals will be available here:

After considering the campaign, Cinepax Cinemas are also participating in this event with 24HOURS.PK and the main event would be tickets from 24HOURS.PK with free delivery and in Rs. 23/- only.

With such a huge step forward, 24HOURS.PK on one hand has not only tried to soften the threatening impact of the word #KhudhKush but also on the other hand through combining the word with this deals’ concept, it has given the customers out-there a chance to enjoy the best and “Insane Discounts” ever conceptualized in the eCommerce landscape of the country.

Though the concept is new and bold, but such efforts are always helpful when healing the social fabric of the society in which the elements that hold together the very existence of human civilization undergo a positive change and create nothing but sheer excitement and joy.

Here are some of the deals that will be available on March 23rd:

  • israr ul haq

    OMG evrything in 23 ? Free delivery ?

  • asif abbasi

    Amazing deals !!!
    Ye sab images me products hein jo ye sb 23 ki ?
    Insane Discounts !!

  • Ali Shahab

    O yar enko khud kia bachra hoga ? Ye to wqaee Khudkush krdia hai enony sb 23 March ki deals per

  • shoukat ali

    Nice and Amazing Marketing ??
    I am excited,

  • Taha Najam

    Lol, all these commentators sound like shill accounts. It’s time restricted and limited. Not that great.

    • Foqaan Shaikh

      Totally Agree! Things should be realistic.

    • Rohaan Ahmed

      lolz, itna kuch 23 men he or tm logon ko or b chahye
      lalch nh krni chahye, jtne mile khush hona chahye,

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Still great if any ‘human’ will get it.

  • The site is down right away, How we access the deals in 20 minutes of time span if the situation remains the same.


      that cum though :D


    bakwas yeh bhi koi naam hua ?
    Khudkush ?
    kia bakwas hai ?

    • Foqaan Shaikh

      Bas yahi :D

  • Raza

    Its good to see such deals, but 24hours should have named it to something better rather than Khud-Kush. We have to create a better image of ourselves as a nation.

  • Omer Khan

    Coming up with such a creative and contemporary campaign is just unbelievable n today’s market! Kudos to the Marketing Team of the company or whosoever came up with the idea!

    • Foqaan Shaikh

      Hain g?

      • Omer Khan

        yo Foqaan!

      • Omer Khan


  • Hiba kasoori

    Amazing Camapign
    All in Rs. 23, I’m too excited about it.

  • Muhammad Musa Raza

    stupid name

  • sheryar

    all the deals with be “sold out” and unavailable

    • Foqaan Shaikh

      Had to happen

  • voltage

    “tried to soften the threatening impact of the word #KhudhKush” wtf? are they nuts? We have been a very sorrowful and tale of suicide attacks. Victim families are still grieving at least since a decade. I hope, these inbred marketing skunks face suicide attacks or remove their putrid self from this earth sooner than later. Curse on them all.
    Disgusting name by some retarded coke(not talking about soft drink) suckers. Where is editorial responsibility of ProPk ?

    • Asif Khan PTI

      BTW tu bhee meri trha hi hai voltage, mujhe b pese milei hai galia dene k liye but yr campaign wqaee fit hai esbr meri himat ni horee galian dene ki :P

      • Foqaan Shaikh


  • Daniyal Ali

    Amazing Idea, Amazing Deals and the best part is to aware people about positive idea which they want to provoke behind this campaign.

  • Eli Ehsan
    • :D Tum Bhi chalo hum bhi chale
      chalti rahe zindagi :D

  • Muzammil Ahsan

    LOL – the level of propakistani is going down day by day. it is better to hire that “EXCUSE ME AAP BHI” guy for the cheap advertisement instead of ProPakistani.

  • Apart from annoying “deal name”, it looks interesting.
    The only thing that is not OK is One Order per day per email :D

  • Mohamed Sulaiman

    Again fake advertisement.

  • Syed Muneer Hussain


  • Adonis

    All fraud, tried many deals when click shop after putting address cart empty

    Another cheater claiming discount deals

  • Arsalan

    They should be tried for cybercrime for false advertising! i tried it and site dosent even let me select it just goes to sold out every time an item is unlocked! Pathetic ! its the same as they jack their prices before putting a discount! if this is not regulated these sites can do whatever they want!

    • Right. pata nahi hum Pakistani logon aor businesses ko kab aqal ayegi. Pesa kamane ke chakar me hum jitna zyada kisi ko loot sakte hain utni hi koshish me lage rehte hain, aor end me result, failure ki haalat me nikalta hy, phir kehte hain Pakistan taraqqi nhi kar raha.

      Anyways, don’t know whether they have earned any new customers but they definitely have lost one, that’s me, with their obsolete marketing campaign yesterday.

  • Ata Ul Haie

    نہایت ہی گھٹیا اور فریب قسم کی سائٹ ہے، جو 23 روپے والی ڈیلز لگائیں تھیں وہ محض ایک دھوکہ اور سائٹ کی ریٹنگ کے لئے تھی ، جو چیزیں سیل پر تھیں ان پر جب کلک کریں تو اول تو سائٹ ہی نہیں کھلتی تھی اور جیسے ہی کھلتی تھی وہ چیز 5 سیکنڈ کے اندر ہی سیل ہو چکی ہوتی تھی ، اس سائٹ کو رپورٹ کریں لوگوں کو الو بنا کر پیسے کمائے جا رہے ہیں

  • Arshad Ali

    It was totally fraud. I tried myself.

  • Huzaifa

    Got the vr box ;)

    • Adonis

      company employee spotted

      • Huzaifa

        Tum hoge company employee mujhe to deal mili hai. Khair tumse behes ka kya fayda jo samajhna hai samajh lo!

  • Junaid

    its fake.. wrong way to get site clicks.they don’t even have enough
    stock for this marketing. only 2 mobiles, 5 cinepax tickets, 4 watch…
    what a joke

  • Pata nahi hum Pakistani logon aor businesses ko kab aqal ayegi. Pesa kamane ke chakar me hum jitna zyada kisi ko loot sakte hain utni hi koshish me lage rehte hain, aor end me result, failure ki haalat me nikalta hy, phir kehte hain Pakistan taraqi nhi kar raha.

    Anyways, don’t know whether they have earned any new customers but they definitely have lost one, that’s me, with their obsolete marketing campaign yesterday.

  • Ahsan Riaz

    Worst scam ever.

    I signed up to their website to buy a mobile phone (Rs. 23) i clicked on buy within a second after it’s open to buy. And guess what. It was sold. Same happen to my friends and family. They tried for trimmer, smart watch, etc.

    Worst…Now I wanted to unsub from their web. And it says to click unsub from email. And email does not have unsub link.

    • Tariq

      Its a trap!

      • Adonis

        the whole idea was to get customer details and sell the user data to online marketing companies for hefty money

  • Farhan

    They are fraud, If any one have received order please comment below. I am sure no one will comment that he received the order.

  • Asif Khan PTI

    I Received 2 products !