Official: Nokia to Bring All of its Phones to Pakistan in Few Weeks

Nokia is coming back to Pakistan and is optimistic about capturing a significant share in the local market. It hopes to accomplish this with its new series of smartphones to be launched in the local market by end of second quarter, 2017.

Per Ekman, Vice President – Middle East & North Africa HMD Global, in his recent media talk, termed Pakistan as a strategically important market for his company that is receptive to new Nokia phones.

(Left) Ammar Ahmed, Head of Marketing, Pakistan, HMD Global (Right) Per Ekman, Vice President – Middle East & North Africa, HMD Global

The series of handsets include three smartphones – Nokia 3, 5, 6 and one feature phone – the legendary 3310.

HMD Global formed a strategic alliance with Nokia and Foxconn to bring back Nokia through a series of handsets.

Nokia 6 was launched in December 2016 in China which received more than one million pre-sale registrations in a matter of few weeks. The handsets were sold out in 23 seconds of its launch in the market—a higher-than-expected feedback.

Results showed that 86 percent of the buyers fall under the category of millennial age, depicting the popularity of the handsets with the tech-savvy generation.

Not only in China, which is the biggest and most competitive market in the world, but the new handsets created a positive buzz in the market to attract customers looking for quality handsets , VP HMD Global said.

The features of the smartphone are unique especially with regards to its engineering, design and body material which are making a difference in the market.

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The smartphone’s body is made up of aluminum which guarantees durability. Nokia 6 came with Android 7.0 out of the box, replacing the Windows platform used before it.

Per Ekman revealed an interesting fact that Nokia 3310 is being introduced all over the world due to customer demand. HMD Global had asked in a survey whether the 3310 should be revived and it received a very positive response from all over the globe.

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He hoped that Pakistan’s market will respond positively when the popular Nokia brand returns to the country with the same high build quality but with Android, this time around.

The arrangements of making handsets available are underway and the new Nokia phones will be launched in Pakistan in phases and a rollout can be expected in the next quarter. Prices for the phones will be revealed in the coming weeks.