PIA Teases Emirates, Qatar and Etihad Airline

Pakistan International Airlines, in a pleasing mood, teased Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and other middle eastern airlines today as Pakistani airline is exempted from recently imposed USA ban on hand-carry laptops, tablets and other electronic devices.

It maybe recalled that USA recently imposed ban on all sorts of electronic devices — except cell phones — on-board in carry-in luggage.

Not to mention, these devices can be carried in checked-in luggage, but that obviously is a lot of risk for travelers to submit sensitive and precious electronic devices in checked-in baggage.

Pakistan International Airlines, however, can allow its passengers to carry laptops and other electronic devices on-board. This is particularly a feasible deal for those who want to work during long-haul flights.

So here’s what you can’t bring along on-board in flight:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • eReaders
  • Anything that measures larger than 6.9-inches x 3.66-inches

PIA in a tweet, while taunting other regional airlines, said “You can carry your laptop/tablets onboard US bound PIA flights”

Just in case if you are wondering, PIA operates direct flights to New York from Lahore and connecting flights to USA from Karachi.

  • And you couldn’t even copy paste right? WTF is “You Did can carry your laptop/tablets onboard US bound PIA flights”.

    Your english skills are pathetic to be honest.

    • Nadeem, Urdu is our national language . . . I have never seen people like a certain segment of our society, who are more proud of things they should actually be ashamed about . . . when will you guys come out of your enslaved mentality?
      Every great nation embraces its own culture, language and norms. Chinese, Japanese, Germans, French. Even when they can speak English they make it a point not to deliberately. French are famous for it.
      Have you ever seen Putin speak in English — he has only ever been seen English in one interview with BBC which went viral because it was only then that the people finally found out that his English is pretty good, but he CHOOSES not to speak it, even when he is being interviewed by BBC.
      Ever tried speaking to a police officer in Saudi? Or ask directions in Osaka? Or study in a German university? They do not speak English ANYWHERE.
      And here we have a certain gang of foreign stooges, hell-bent at every turn to “teach” the ordinary Pakistani how pathetic they are for not speaking the language of the Masters of this class (not our masters, or of the masses of the Pakistani people — because these poor people have your class as their masters, how could they even dream of being the slaves of the west. They are now slaves of the slaves — when they may have just been content with being direct slaves of the “gora babu”.
      What a shame on us. . what a shame on us!
      Nadeem you need to decide where your roots are and what you stand for in this world. And do that before you answer my post just for the sake of it.
      And yes, my English is also good — good enough that I beat the British in advanced English Literature and Language I once knew every single line William Shakespeare every wrote — by heart — but shamefully for me, not one Para of the Quraan
      Its a past I am so badly ashamed of that I do not discuss it. I am ashamed that I learnt Urdu when I was 15, because I lived abroad — I was fluent in French before I even learn the Urdu Alphabets . . . the only reason I even managed to learn Urdu was because of Quraan, and because I learn Arabic to read that . . . but Alhamd-o-lillah I am not like my parents (who by the way belong to the mindset you espouse).
      Last, and this may come as a surprise for your kind. . .Urdu/Hindi is now the single largest spoken Language in the world, with close to 2 billion people able to speak/understand it — perhaps the fact that British and American are now learning it may help convince you to finally take pride in what is your own, instead of aping those who are, in fact, wise enough to now turn to aping you. . .

      • Hey Patriot, before you jump on your high horse of absolute submission to urdu and our culture, let me point a couple of things out:

        1) This article is in ENGLISH. It’s the BASIC requirement of any article published for it to be grammatically correct. If you’re so in love with English (and know these idiots who wrote this sad excuse for an article), please ask them to make an urdu site and to post there only. I couldn’t give a rats ass whether this article is in Portugese or Swahili, as long as it’s what I’m reading and it’s grammatically correct (not suggesting I know how to read either of those two langauges, just saying).

        2) Not sure if you have studied in a school system that employed English as a medium, but if so, you should know that being grammatically correct is not what our “roots” teach us, its what our “school” teaches us. Which includes the Urdu subject.

        3) Your example of Putin is irrelevant here. He speaks Russian and Angela Merkel speaks German, because they’re not just patriotic but proud of their language. At a world stage, that matters. In an article, that is clearly written IN ENGLISH, FOR those that are going to READ it in English, it does not!

        Your patriotism is good to have, but you need to know what you’re aiming at. You can’t just go around on the road and after spotting someone speaking in another language, go like “hey, stfu, speak in Urdu, ’cause my ass be patriotic”. Pick your fights wisely. And remember, wrong grammar is not respected no matter what language you speak, or which country you belong to. Bad grammar is just bad grammar.

        Lastly, don’t dis your parents in an open forum. It’s their upbringing that made you who youa re today.

        • Regret not answering this earlier, but I was traveling.
          Actually I was not going around anywhere dissing people — I am specifically talking about your mindset — and your attitude about thinking those who cannot speak English as being lesser than yourself. Its a shame really, knowing a bit about your lifestyle, and what you like to believe about yourself being a liberal and all.
          This cognitive dissonance smacks of your entitled perspective on life.
          Last, indeed you are 100% right, I am today what I am to a great degree because of my parents’ contributions — whichever way you would like to take that either as a reaction to how they brought me up, or otherwise — but my intent was to show that no matter what our upbringing — we can choose to be better than what the environment given to us.
          Irrespective, none of the points I raised are answered by your defensive response.
          In any case, I expected no better. I am used to being disappointed by your class.

  • Reminds me of our sindhi slang “bhens khud saari kaali or gaaey ko bole chal hat poonchh kaali” metaphor here……. :D #ROFLCopter

  • PIA does not have any nonstop flight to USA. Remember, ‘direct’ does not mean “non stop” like the ones by Etihad, Emirates, Qatar, etc. All PIA flights stop in Europe, prior to entering USA.
    SO, a nice play on words ;-)

  • Is PIA in any position to be teasing some of the biggest airlines in the world?

    People flying it should be more concerned with whether or not they will die rather than being able to use their electronics on board.

    • har waqt bura hi sochna. Koi achi baat ho or aap jaisay log keeray na nikalain…. Aisa ho sakta hya kia?

    • In ki baaton sy lagta hai jaisay PIA ki flights Pak sy seedha jannat main ly jaati hain, oooo Bhai, we have least accident rate as compare to all other big names (reason ye hai k hum uraatay he kam hain) but still we r among safest air lines.

      • You are so right Jawad!
        Actually we should give credit to our pilots and engineers of PIA who are working in worst possible conditions with outdated equipment and assets — due to corruption — and they are the ones who have to bear the customer’s ranting and raving. . .
        I would like to say that safety record is DESPITE worst possible odds. I would like to see an Emirates pilot fly what our pilots are flying in the conditions that our pilots and engineers are facing!
        If anyone from PIA is here, my hats off to you guys — you are the ones who created Emirates (whose first flight was to Karachi, flown by a Pakistani pilot on a plane loaned to them by PIA).
        I am sad that PIA has gone down badly over the years, but its not because of the few honest employees who are not political appointees, but because of the masses of political appointees and corrupt politicians.
        In fact PIA still gives meals where most Arab airlines just give cold sandwiches in flights — even to Australia, the flights from Etihad, for example, gives just one meal, whereas for a flight of that duration PIA would give two hot meals and snacks in addition — on Economy not business.
        Also the baggage allowance for PIA is still almost 30% more than many other airlines.
        What is more all our staff is local Pakistani — almost all key staff in airlines across the gulf are goras.

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