PIA Teases Emirates, Qatar and Etihad Airline

Pakistan International Airlines, in a pleasing mood, teased Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and other middle eastern airlines today as Pakistani airline is exempted from recently imposed USA ban on hand-carry laptops, tablets and other electronic devices.

It maybe recalled that USA recently imposed ban on all sorts of electronic devices — except cell phones — on-board in carry-in luggage.

Not to mention, these devices can be carried in checked-in luggage, but that obviously is a lot of risk for travelers to submit sensitive and precious electronic devices in checked-in baggage.

Pakistan International Airlines, however, can allow its passengers to carry laptops and other electronic devices on-board. This is particularly a feasible deal for those who want to work during long-haul flights.

So here’s what you can’t bring along on-board in flight:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • eReaders
  • Anything that measures larger than 6.9-inches x 3.66-inches

PIA in a tweet, while taunting other regional airlines, said “You can carry your laptop/tablets onboard US bound PIA flights”

Just in case if you are wondering, PIA operates direct flights to New York from Lahore and connecting flights to USA from Karachi.