Facebook is Testing GIFs in Comments

Facebook keeps trying out new things all the time, always coming up with cool new features to keep its users entertained and hooked to its ubiquitous social media platform.

Recently it has decided to test the use of animated GIFs for comments in the newsfeed. Talk about getting on with the times finally!

GIF Support Already Exists in Messenger

This feature has already been introduced to the Facebook messaging app, Facebook Messenger, and users have been very enthusiastic about using it.

A reason the people at Facebook gave for not initiating this for the comments earlier was that they did not want to redirect attention from the actual matters appearing on the newsfeed of people.

However, now the creator of the social media site, Mark Zuckerberg, has officially said that they are going to begin testing by next week.

TechCrunch reported that this feature will allow users to search GIFs that they want from sources like Giphy and Tenor. It should work the way the GIF button works in the Messenger app.

People from the company stated that they realize that people love good GIFs and would like to be able to use them in their comments. They have emphasized the fact that this is a test and should not be taken as a feature that will actually be included.

The GIF feature will only be tested on a small group of Facebook users first but if it is popularly received, then soon the rest of the world will also be able to use this feature.

Further, Facebook may also be including a ‘Dislike’ button very soon to make the app and site more appealing.

Via Android Authority

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