ICEAGE Aims to Make Homes Smarter in Pakistan

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you could turn on your Air Conditioner before you get home, just with a click on your smartphone? You can be welcomed with a pre-cooled bedroom in the hot summer days that are about to come!

ONational ICEAGE industries are the pioneer of the state of the art Wi-Fi controlled Air Conditioner technology. With the introduction of such technology in Pakistan, it is estimated that more homes will turn towards a smarter and more energy efficient home. It is an industry committed to bringing you “Smart Home Living in Pakistan.”

Thousands of people are investing in smart devices and appliances to make their homes smarter.

What Does It Mean To Have A Smart Home in Pakistan?

People now understand how the term “Smart Living” refers to a home that uses modern technology to allow electronics and home systems to communicate. These home appliances can be controlled by time schedules, and remotely activated via web enabled devices or smartphone’s.

In general, people are skeptical about the concept of  a Smart Home in Pakistan, either because they worry about the massive bills that roll in at the end of the month, or because they are not sure about how they work. However, the concept of smart home living is now becoming affordable resulting it in being a staple of high-end homes.

On Friday 10th March, ICEAGE industries celebrated its silver Jubilee (25th anniversary). The event was held for the launching ceremony of Wi-Fi Air Conditioners and fully automated washing machines in Pakistan.

The event centered on how Wi-Fi controlled technology could be revolutionary in Pakistan, its pros and how it could make life much easier. The managers demonstrated the Wi-Fi controlling Mobile App and how it could access the functionality of your AC.

Anosh Iqbal (GM Sales & Marketing) showing the TVC of Wi-Fi Air Conditioners to the dealers

Pros of Smart Home Living

You may think of smart home living as a nifty way to keep up with the latest advancements in technology, or a chance for homeowners to show off. However, there are some amazing benefits of smart home living. Here they are:

1.   Control

Smart appliances come with a huge pro, and that is convenience factor. Being able to manage or control all your technological gadgets through one interface is a massive step forward for home and technology management in Pakistan.

Theoretically, when you have a smart appliance, you can connect it to your tablet or smartphone and tap into it for countless functions throughout your home. For example, you can have control over your air conditioners with Wi-Fi, which you can switch on or off through your device.

2.   Energy Efficient

The plus point of having a smart home is having appliances that are connected together for easy monitoring. Usually, such appliances also promote “energy saving” options for you.

Imagine that you forgot to turn off the Air Conditioner when you left your home (or maybe there was load shedding at the moment you left) and now the Air Conditioner is bound to restart once it gets power again. You can simply turn it off without having to rush back home.

In Pakistan, massive electricity bills are something that people worry about but when you turn to smart appliances, they can be reduced.

3.   More Efficient Kitchen Appliances

In every Pakistani home, the kitchen is the “central” stop when it comes to enjoying family discussions, cooking, and more. You will be surprised to know how smart technology can pair with your kitchen appliances like refrigerators.

The company is working on methodologies by which homeowners can control the cooling of their refrigerators through a Bluetooth device or merely the internet. Customers can look forward to options of one-click control for future home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and what not.

With smart appliances like Wi-Fi Air Conditioners, smart refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, microwave ovens and more from smarter manufacturers in Pakistan, the future of smart living in Pakistan is expected to be a bright one.

  • I’m working on a Framework. Which will be able to control every Electrical Appliance in Home.

    And the main factor of my Framework is COST EFFECTIVE. (“Affordable by everyone”)

    InshaAllah will launch for the public if got any investors or Early Customers ☺️☺️

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