This Captain from Careem is Winning Hearts by Helping a Passenger in Karachi

Careem started its operations in Pakistan over a year ago and it has enjoyed a steady growth with its mix of good services. The company has in place a system of educating drivers about proper etiquette and attitude which it employs to train drivers or ‘Careem Captains.’ Given all these checks and balances, its not every day that we hear the story of a Careem Captain who take their call of duty above and beyond.

This is one such tale.

Humanity Over Commerce

Here’s a story of Syed Mansoor, a Careem captain from Karachi, who helped a passenger – Riffat Alam – when she was severely struggling with her health.

On 27th March, Riffat was feeling unwell and chose to go home instead. She ordered a Careem and Mansoor turned up to pick her up in a grey Suzuki Cultus.

As soon as Riffat sat down in the car, Mansoor assessed the situation and saw that she wasn’t feeling well. Mansoor asked for the directions to her destination and politely asked whether she was feeling alright or not.

Riffiat gave the instructions and said she was unwell and that is why she was headed home. On the way back, her health deteriorated and she asked Mansoor to find her a chemist instead and Mansoor obliged.

Mansoor rushed to a local chemist shop nearby and got her the medicine she had asked for. Moreover, he brought a bottle of water even though Riffat didn’t ask for one. Before taking the medicine, Riffat felt the urge to vomit. Mansoor got out of the car and opened the door for her.

Mansoor then handed Riffat tissues to clean herself up and then advised her to drink some more water. As she regained a bit of strength, she told Mansoor to drop her off at a friend’s place, which was nearby by, instead of her destination.

Without caring for consequences, Mansoor canceled the ride and dropped Riffat at her friend’s place. For those who are unaware, if Careem captains cancel the ride then they are charged just like how passengers are fined for doing the same.

The whole account was posted by Riffat on her Facebook, with even Careem’s Junaid Iqbal chiming in:

This goes on to show the character of Careem captains and how far they will go to serve the passengers. It not only reflects well on Careem but also on Pakistan. A great example of how us Pakistanis can be better than just another negative stereotype.

To read Riffat Alam’s post on Facebook, click here.

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    • Exactly. Some people will see this as a marketing stunt, the fact remains that they can never be satisfied with what goes on in the world. I pity them.

  • i am not sure whether this post is another marketing stunt, i can see lot of people helping each day

  • Tou is main careem captain ki kia baat hai? Yeh kuch being a human kiya us nay, as a careem captain nahi. Careem kis baat ka credit lena chah raha hai outa this situation?

  • Not all careem captains are like this. Some of them are very rude even when i ask for ETA when their map icon isn’t moving at all.

    • You can actually complain to Careem management about that. I have faced issues like that in past, too. The Careem management assesses the situation and puts a fine on the captains who aren’t working properly.

  • Pure Marketing Stunt, us bande ne neki ki aur Careem ne apna chooran bechna shuro kar dia.

    Following is what Riffat Alam wrote on her Facebook. Aur isko full time tadka laga kar post likhi hai upar.. :-)

    This review is for #Careem Captain Syed Mansoor. He drives a Suzuki Cultus, Grey. I booked a careem as I started to feel unwell today around 5. As I sat Mr Mansoor looked at me and said “Sister you look ill, where do you want to be dropped?” I gave him the FB Area address and we started off from DHA. Two minutes later I told him to find me a Chemist please and get me a medicine. He found and rushed out to get me medicine and water. He said you did not ask for it but you’d need water sister. Before I could take the medicine I felt like vomiting and he rushed to open the door. I vomited badly and was half dizzy, he handed me tissues, told me to drink water. And kept the AC running. As I regained a bit of strength I asked him to not take me home but a friends place 5 minutes away. He did as told, he might have been fined for ending the ride early but he did not care. This man just earned massive respect and made me believe a little more in humanity prevailing above all. I could not thank him properly in the state I was in, hence this review should reach him please. People like him deserve to be applauded for their acts of kindness.
    Thank you Mr Mansoor for helping an ill sister and Thank you Careem for such responsible drivers in your fleet.

    • haha epic comment ….. kisi dour ma altaf bai yeh kam kertay thay Yahna mustafa kamal kam kervata tha aur yahan banner lagta tha shukriyah altaf hussian.

    • bhai jaan riffat alam ki bhi marketting ho gaye, look her profile she is entrepreneur

      • bilkul sahi – WIN WIN situation for both :-) aur woh bechara Syed Mansoor wahin ka wahin raha uska bas name hi aya, becahare ki photo tak nahi dekhi kisi ne!

  • is this that big a story to be published on ur page. Any one would do this. if she even sat in an auto. the auto driver would have helped.

  • look at the posting of this lady “Riffat” on March 13, time 2:48 PM ” Anyone with contacts in Careem, Uber, or the likes?
    Need to get in touch with their Marketing team.” i think she has played his cards beautifully

  • Well That’s humanity…!
    BUT here’s my story….I installed the app for the first time and wanted to ride somewhere….
    The app auto located me somewhere near I didn’t know, I just set the drop-off location and confirmed the ride…
    minutes later the captain arrived at that ‘auto-located somewhere near’ location…
    My app told me my captain has arrived…but I couldn’t see the vehicle…
    I kept looking here and there around me but couldn’t find the ride….

    minutes later the ride was canceled , and now I have negative Balance in my app wallet…
    Even before my first ride…!
    Didnt understand why I am being charged for even not canceling the ride…
    Is it the app that auto-located my wrong location, or the driver canceled on my behalf…
    Anyways, I m not going to use it every now…
    Careem is worthless…

  • Sorry guys , i personally have bad experience with Careem and invested Cultus 2017 new car , but overall what i earned from them, i again put back into my car , like Petrol+Maintenance+car paint touch ups+oil Filter change and at last i am fade up…….it can be a profit able business if you don’t put fuel into your car or the bonuses and guarantees the Company said ‘ll give you. ?

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