Teenager Proves Muslims Don’t Support Terrorism with 712-Page Document

A 19-year-old American student recently came up with perhaps the most effective tool yet to counter Islamophobia: an elaborate document comprising 712 pages that proves Muslims condemn all sorts of terrorist attacks, and are vocal enough in their condemnation.

Hera Hashmi Decides to Combat Islamophobia

It all started during history class at the University of Colorado when Heraa Hashmi faced a verbal attack from a classmate because of her faith. The classmate declared,

“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,” and further claimed that Muslims did not condemn terrorism enough, and not enough of them were making a stand against it.

Hashmi decided to counter this claim with proof. So, after elaborate research, she made a ‘712-page list of Muslims condemning things with sources’ using Google spreadsheets. The document lists nearly 6,000 instances where Muslims condemned terrorism and related crimes, and can be viewed here.

‘I wanted to show people how weak the argument [that Muslims don’t condemn terrorism] is,’ she explained.

Hashmi shared a tweet about her document which made a huge impact; it was retweeted over 18,000 times, and brought her list into prominence. Two of her followers on Twitter even volunteered to help make a website out of her research. Soon afterwards, MuslimsCondemn.com was up and running. The website is regularly updated to include Muslims’ responses to terrorist acts.

Hashmi believes it is unfair to expect Muslims to offer apologies for every terrorist attack. She is adamant that Muslims are ‘held to a different standard than other minorities: 1.6 billion people are expected to apologize and condemn [terrorism] on behalf of a couple of dozen lunatics. It makes no sense.’

She further explains, ‘I don’t view the KKK or the Westboro Baptist church or the Lord’s Resistance Army as accurate representations of Christianity. I know that they’re on the fringe. So it gets very frustrating having to defend myself and having to apologize on behalf of some crazy people.’

Source and Picture credit: The Guardian

  • These Western bigots are as bad as Muslim extremists. With all this hate towards such a large community of 1.6 billion people, they aren’t helping the cause but putting fuel on an already escalating fire.

    “Hashmi believes it is unfair to expect Muslims to offer apologies for every terrorist attack.”

    She’s absolutely right there. Should we expect every American to apologize Muslims for what their country has done in Afghanistan and Iraq? That’s preposterous.

  • pew research polls of different islamic countries support the view that muslims support terror attacks. saying the problem doesn’t exist wont make it go away.

  • she is an american so I can’t say any thing but just curious about the reaction of people who think Hafiz saeed is a social worker

    • Many of the gangsters in Lyari are also “social workers”. Just because they feed and protect some people does not mean they do not also kill and steal.

      • ap ka aba jee nawaz b yehi kam kertay ha aur ap ka behnaoi zardari shab please consider corruption crime …..

        • I have never claimed that PPP or PMLN of being innocent angels. There are many guilty people in both parties.

          But what makes me sad is I don’t know how or when we will have a clean government :(

          • The answer to your last question is: “NEVER”.

            Why? Because public is the prime suspect. “know it all” public like this DESERVES to have chor leaders like these.

  • This week post title: “Teenager Proves Muslims Don’t Support Terrorism with 712-Page Document”

    Last week post title: “PTA Blocks Over 900 Web Addresses Belonging to Banned Organizations”

    If her document proves Muslims don’t support terrorism, then what is PTA blocking? Isn’t PTA blocking sites that are run by Muslims and also support terrorism?

    Either she is wrong or PTA is wrong.

    • Ahhh there u are the payed annoying comentor.
      Now about ur as-usual comment “mile away from the point”
      If it was too much for u to understand let me simplify it for u,
      Point 1: Her premise was that “only a handful of idiot Muslims are terrorist why label the entire 1.6 Billion Muslims the same”
      Your Troll Point 2(which u want to desperately want to discuss): Regarding the PTA, “Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom of BULL$hit” whichever religion they belong to and for whatever reason, weather to spread terrorism or blasphemy.
      Both the girl and PTA are right and u r wrong at their respective positions.

      You might have free time to blabber, but I am not going to feed ur troll.

      • my target was propakistani, not the teenager or pta. i will make this clear to you now.

        i was comparing titles on this blog site. propakistani uses clickbait titles to attract visitors. as everyone can see, nothing in the article about teenager (copied from the the uk guardian) says the same thing as propakistani’s title for the article.

        i didn’t say anything about freedom of speech… that is your mind making up things.

        • strongly agree with your point about ProPk using clickbait titles these days, almost every 2nd article is either a press release, sponosored post, paid review, paid surveys.

          There were days when we used to believe on ProPK’s verdict but these days, it just looks like that you are looking at a local tv news channel where a little incident of the morning is a breaking news of prime time (9pm) news bulletin.

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