Alcatel Now Supports Multiple WhatsApp & Social Media Apps on Dual-SIM Phones

Alcatel, a mobile device brand of TCL Communication, now allows you to run separate WhatsApp accounts for each number on your dual-SIM Android phone. The new app cloning functionality, available on selected Alcatel dual-SIM Smartphones running Android Marshmallow, means that you no longer need to carry two devices or sign in and out of accounts if you have two WhatsApp accounts for different numbers.

You can now easily run a separate WhatsApp account for your personal number and another WhatsApp account for your work number on a single dual-SIM phone from Alcatel, for example. The feature is already active on the newly launched Alcatel POP 4 6” premium phablet, which boasts a metal design, 6-inch IPS FHD display, and fingerprint recognition technology. App cloning will also be available in the new range of Alcatel smartphones set to launch this year.

In addition to WhatsApp, the app cloning feature supports many of your favorite social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram Messenger and Twitter. It is especially useful if you need different accounts for professional and personal purposes, or if you are running two businesses from one smartphone. The feature is optional – you can also continue to run one social media account across your dual-SIM phone. o

“With more and more of our customers’ communication moving to over-the-top services such as WhatsApp, many of them now need to be able to run different messaging and social media accounts on dual SIM card phones,” Ruediger Odenbach, Vice President at Alcatel Middle East & Africa.

“With our new solution, you can access WhatsApp messages and calls from both SIMs on one phone without needing to sign out of one account to sign into the other. This feature falls in line with our commitment to offering customers the smoothest possible user experience and delivering innovations that simplify their lives.” 

  • Xiaomi phones are already providing dual app and second space features (both allow to run multiple versions of any app) from day one. Tagging what’s app with sim requires just a sim, that may or may not be on the same device.

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