Peshawar’s Bus Rapid Transit System Set for Expansion

The Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project was recently given the green signal by the Provincial Development Working Party in Peshawar.

About Bus Rapid Transit Project

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project is the equivalent of the Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi Metro Bus service. Once completed, the BRT will be accessible to 17.54 per cent of Peshawar’s total population (about 500,000 people) daily. The bus routes are expected to be extended beyond the corridor, according to the project plan.

The project’s cost had increased by Rs. 20 billion and will now cost Rs. 57.23 billion. It was approved at a meeting held in Peshawar. Out of the total cost, Asian Development Bank will be paying Rs. 50 billion while the government will be paying Rs. 7.23 billion of the cost.

Project Details

The route is divided into these individual sections:

  • a 26 km long corridor
  • 15 kilometer street level road
  • 6 km elevated portion
  • 5 km tunnel section

Additionally the bus route will feature:

  • 32 stations
  • 2 depots
  • 150 bus stops
  • 450 buses
  • 68 km feeder bus routes
  • a 6 story parking plaza
  • 61 acre commercial plaza

Total cost breakdown of the BRT is as follows:

  • Infrastructure and depots: Rs. 39.27 billion
  • Utility relocation: Rs. 4.2 billion
  • Fleet scrapping and environmental mitigation: Rs. 1.11 billion
  • Fleet procurement: Rs. 7.78 billion

Why The Budget Was Increased

There were a number of reasons why the total cost of the project was increased by Rs. 20 billion. This 54% increase in the total cost was due to:

  • International bidding
  • Inclusion of Sunehri Masjid alignment
  • Inclusion of institutional costs
  • Resettlement costs
  • Land acquisition
  • Resettlement plan
  • Utilities relocation
  • Financing charges
  • Fleet scrapping

One end of the bus route is at Chamkani while the other end, or the last bus stop is Cancer Hospital at Jamrud Road. Two different types of buses will be used, a 9 metre bus and a 12 metre bus. The 9 metre bus will be used on smaller roads such as Kohat Road, Bara Road and in areas near Hayatabad.

12 Month Duration

The Peshawar Rapid Transit Project will be sent to the Central Development Working Party for approval first.

Project duration is going to be 12 months with the aim to provide the users a comfortable, well-designed and affordable mode of transportation.

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  • SSyar

    seedha seedha likho k Halal Metro hey.,

    • SSyar

      18lac population hey aur 5lac daily use karein gey awesom :)

    • Mirza Moazzam Baig

      Exactly…Halal digestible Metro

    • Alpha Bravo

      Karachi me bhi bun rahi hai bhai.

      • SSyar

        han ji ban to jaye gi he.,., maintain bhe hoti hey k nahe :/

        • Alpha Bravo

          Nahi Question ye hai k wo Halal hai k Haram?

      • Amir Khan

        karachi mian fazool ban rahi hay we dont need metro initially first we need circular railway to start again … but as you all people dont know out side karachi thats why it is easy for you to idealize and say wow which is in realty is not huge traffic here of private vehicles and this one route is just 1 percent and whole karachi will still be on private vehicles it should be circular railway first the old route then metro bus but on bridges or under passes not shrinking the 8 lane main roads to 4 Lane it will be a disaster in traffic problems in the near future

  • Zuhaib Ch.

    Tohada kutta, kutta… Saada Kutta, Tomi :D

  • Ahmed Habib

    Marketing spotted for Imran khan by aamir aata sb

  • ZAB

    Great work. Hope Sindh Government or Federal Government will wake up soon for Karachi.

    • BADAR

      Karachi mein bhi to Metro ban rahi hai Saddar se nazimabad. (Green Line Metro)

    • Ali Salman

      It is now pending with Sindh government to acquire land. Federal Government has already offered financing.

  • Wolverine

    So Jangla Bus Service is coming to Peshawar.

    • BADAR


  • Dan

    why not posting my comment, just because its highlighting something…



    • Ali Salman

      So how people commute for jobs and business? And people get jobs on execution of such projects. Better transport means more mobility for any business/work.
      Pakistan has it all to be a tourist destination but lacks a few things, transportation being one of them.

  • Usman

    In comparison:

    Peshawar BRT will be 25.8 km (31 stations) with a proposed cost of Rs57 billion.

    Lahore Metrobus is 27.0 km (27 stations) cost Rs29.8 billion.
    Multan Metrobus is 18.2 km (21 stations) cost Rs28.5 billion.
    Islamabad Metrobus is 22.5 km (22 stations) cost Rs44.8 billion.

    What happened to claim of making metro in only 13 billion rupees and exposing noora league corruption? O.o

    • ali

      Road cost of Peshawar BRT is still pkr 13 billion.

      • Economic Corridor

        please explain how?

    • alipeer76

      a 26 km long corridor
      15 kilometer street level road
      6 km elevated portion
      5 km tunnel section
      68 km Feeder bus route

    • Amir Khan

      Mr. Usman not defending KPK or So Called Tabdeli Khan but we have to accept reallity and when you compare then you have to analyse every thing

      they are also lounging feeder bus service and routes which means buses from small area directed to main route which means you can take it shuttle service to mian BRT route is that all available in

      Lahore Metro
      Pindi Metro
      Islamabad Metro (coming soon)
      Karachi Metro
      Multan Metro
      Not even parking plaza to park your cars and go by BRT if you missed it see the bifurcation below (Guys please if we want to build Pakistan then do not defend your leaders and Cities)

      26 km long corridor
      15 kilometer street level road
      6 km elevated portion
      5 km tunnel section

      Additionally the bus route will feature:

      32 stations
      2 depots
      150 bus stops
      450 buses
      68 km feeder bus routes
      a 6 story parking plaza
      61 acre commercial plaza

      • Usman

        There are 200 feeder buses operating with lahore metro. They’re called SpeedO