Careem’s Today Promo Code was an April Fools Campaign

This April Fools’ Day, Careem decided to have a little fun of their own with its users by announcing a hoax promo code hotline.

The hotline was to have a simple 2 step process where the users had to leave a missed call on the designated number to receive an exclusive encrypted promo code.

But instead of a promo code, the users were to receive a message informing of the April Fools prank in return.

Careem said that its insight into user’s needs brought forth this idea to play a prank on its users. There has been a substantial amount of increase in demand for promo codes that entail different discounts and services.

Users have been known to go through all sorts of trouble to get their hands on authentic promo codes. This service would have been accessible to Business and Go+ cars. Careem has been known to keep things comical and entertaining for its users, this is a prime example.

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    April Fools, April Fools

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