Heavy Rains & Storms Predicted in Many Parts Across Pakistan

Recently the weather had grown noticeably warmer in most of the country. The current week, on the other hand, has seen rains and stormy weather in upper and central parts of Pakistan. Drizzle in several cities in Pakistan including Lahore has slowed the advance of the summer season for a few days. Additionally heavy rain was recorded in Galiyat, Swat, Mansehra and Abbotabad.

Yesterday a storm lashed Islamabad and Rawalpindi with winds reaching up to 60 km/h, uprooting trees, signboards and traffic signals in the twin cities.

A western air system has been affecting the upper and central region of Pakistan and will persist until Friday according to the Meteorological Department.

Weather Prediction For The Week

The department has further predicted that rain-thunderstorms accompanied by strong gusts of wind will affect different areas in upper KPK, upper FATA, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sargodha divisions, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The storms will also affect isolated areas within Faisalabad, Lahore, Bannu and D.I Khan.

Heavy rain is also expected in isolated areas in Kashmir and Hazara divisions with flood and land slide warnings.

Additionally hailstorm is predicted in Kashmir, upper KPK and upper Punjab and Islamabad.

Temperatures Today

Sindh is on the other side of the spectrum with a massive heat wave affecting the province. Temperatures for cities across Pakistan this morning are as follows:

  • Islamabad 16°C
  • Lahore 20°C
  • Karachi 27°C
  • Peshawar 17°C
  • Quetta 12°C
  • Muzaffarabad 12°C
  • Gilgit 11°C
  • Murree 6°C
  • Larkana 46°C
  • Dadu 45°C
  • Sh. Benazirabad 44°C
  • Turbat 44°C
  • Padidan 44°C
  • Sukkur 44°C
  • Moenjodaro 44°C

Last Year’s Storm

Last year a massive storm in Islamabad and Rawalpindi caused a lot of property damage and human casualties. 12 people died and dozens more were injured in the storm.

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The iconic Centaurus mall’s glass roof shattered and Huawei’s head office in Islamabad also suffered severe damage.

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